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Season β13 was a landmark season for the Tokyo Lift. For the first time in their career, the Lift were not the first in Party Time. They also saw their first postseason appearance as a Wild Card.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


  • Teamicon lift.png
    Ground Broken - 909,716 Coins Spent

Roster Changes


Day Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team
8 Knight Triumphant Houston Spies Batting Ayanna Dumpington Tokyo Lift
13 Jordan Hildebert Houston Spies Baserunning Ayanna Dumpington Tokyo Lift

Peanut Allergies

Day Player Event
10 Lance Serotonin Allergic reaction


Day Player
76 Val Hitherto
76 Grollis Zephyr
77 Ayanna Dumpington
78 Gerund Pantheocide x2
79 Val Hitherto
79 Coolname Galvanic
81 Silvaire Semiquaver
83 Stijn Strongbody
83 Lance Serotonin
87 Lance Serotonin
87 Yusef Fenestrate
87 Lotus Mango
89 Wyatt Quitter
89 Nandy Slumps
90 Elwin McGhee
99 Ayanna Dumpington
99 Lance Serotonin
99 Yusef Fenestrate

Notable Events

The Lift had two double-digit losing streaks: a 15-day streak from Day 7 to Day 21, and a 16-day streak from Day 25 to Day 40.

Election Results


  • Teamicon lift.png
    • The Lift vote to infuse Coolname Galvanic.
    • Coolname Galvanic is Infused.
      • Combined 8.9 14.2
    • Infuse - 50% of all Lift Will Votes
      This Filing - 85% of Lift Infuse Votes
      Final Odds - 42% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon lift.png
    • The Lift chose to bring Engine Eberhardt forth from the shadows, via a foreshadow swap with Cudi Di Batterino.
    • The Lift made a roster move.
    • Cudi Di Batterino entered the Shadows.
      • Combined 7.4 8.6
    • Foreshadow - 25% of all Lift Will Votes
      This Filing - 0% of Lift Foreshadow Votes
      Final Odds - 0% chance of happening.


Season Overview

The Lift's season was characterized by losing streaks, experiencing two different double-digit losing streaks throughout the season. They were then plucked out of Party Time to play the Mexico City Wild Wings in the postseason, where they promptly got swept. The team also broke ground on the Tokyo Fitness Center, choosing the Boreal prefab.

In the election the Lift experienced their first trade with another team when original roster member Lotus Mango was exchanged to the Seattle Garages by an Exchange will, in return receiving star player Goodwin Morin. They also foreshadowed Cudi Di Batterino to pull Engine Eberhardt out of the shadows. Newcomer Alejandro Leaf joined the team after being revoked by the New York Millennials.