Tokyo Lift/Beta/Season 24

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In Season β24, the Tokyo Lift set a course for the Horizon End Zone. The Lift were ultimately nullified towards the end of the season.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events

Roster Changes


Day Type Before Reverb After Reverb
25 Lineup

Fax Machine and Voicemail

Day Player Replaced Player Incoming Renovation Used
29 Cicero Gubbins Elwin McGhee Voicemail
31 Elwin McGhee Cicero Gubbins Voicemail

Night Shifts

Day Player Replaced Player Incoming
79 Kit Honey Val Hitherto


Season Overview

When they approached the Map, the Lift made the decision to go towards the Horizon, ending the season in the Levil Horizon division. The Lift were nullified by the Black Hole (Black Hole) at the beginning of Day 82, and became Entangled. On Day 99, their Under Review modification resulted in one lasting message: "The Tokyo Lift Will Return."