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Kumuscle (a portmanteau of kuma, the Japanese word for bear, and muscle) is a mascot of the Tokyo Lift, recently introduced as an alternative mascot to 200% Beef Hotdog 'N Chips the Third, on account of the latter being a maned wolf. Kumuscle handles mascot duties when Chips is otherwise unavailable but the pair have collaborated on multiple occasions as well.

General Information

Kumuscle is designed after a stuffed brown bear in the style of yuru-chara mascots and the mascot can often be seen lifting weights while hyping up the crowd. The weights that Kumuscle lifts are real, thanks to hydraulics installed in the suit by Lift batter Engine Eberhardt, who felt the realism added a sense of authenticity to the mascot. The mascot stands at a height of 6'1, a significant portion of which is from the bulk of the suit itself.

As a character, Kumuscle is relentlessly optimistic and supportive of people's endeavors, pushing the team and their fans to chase their dreams. He believes that losing or winning is not as important as having a good time. He is described as having a love for hugs and training, making him a wholesome addition to the team. Kumuscle's handler is often heard telling young Lift fans that "with hard work and dedication, you can lift just as much as Kumuscle!"

During games, the suit is worn by Eri Kumai, the character actress for the mascot. She is a relentless (but respectful) flirt and a proud disaster lesbian. She can often be seen talking to women after taking the costume off, whether staff or players. She however believes in her role and gives it her all, always maintaining the image of Kumuscle strong.

While the hydraulics in the Kumuscle suit assist the wearer in lifting weights, Kumai herself can deadlift up to 250 lbs. In an interview, Kumai is quoted as saying that she only started lifting after getting the job, having applied in the first place because of an attractive player that had caught her eye, which she admitted was "a little embarrassing to admit". Over time, she grew to enjoy lifting and is now quite seasoned. Her specific motivation for starting was, as she puts it, "I couldn't bring shame to the great Kumuscle name. I can't preach about lifting without doing it myself."