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Coming off their championship victory, the Tokyo Lift looked like promising contenders in Season β20. However, they fell heartbreakingly short of qualifying for either the Overbracket or the newly-minted Underbracket. They were pulled from a late Party Time into the Underbracket, but failed to make it far.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events


Following this Latesiesta, Tunnels were Ratified, causing them to be removed from all Ballparks (including the Gym) and made into Non-Physical Law.

Gift Shop

  • Teamicon lift.png
    Lift received 3 Gifts! - 13,950,089 coins contributed

Roster Changes


Player A Team Player B Team
Goobie Ballson Tokyo Lift Jan Canberra Atlantis Georgias


Players marked with a * were flipped Negative by Nandy Slumps' Undertaker modification.

Day Player Cause Return Day Duration Scattered name
29 Kit Honey Flooding 29 0 days n/a
29 Kline Greenlemon Flooding 44 15 days n/a
Season β20 Nandy Slumps n/a 36 1 season
39 Elwin McGhee* Flooding 48 9 days n/a
39 Nandy Slumps Undertaker 45 6 days n/a
39 Engine Eberhardt Flooding 43 4 days n/a
39 Kit Honey Flooding 40 1 day n/a
59 Yusef Fenestrate* Flooding 93 34 days
59 Nandy Slumps Undertaker 64 5 days n/a
78 Evelton McBlase II* Flooding 85 7 days n/a
78 Nandy Slumps Undertaker 89 11 days n/a
101 Rylan O'Lantern* Flooding n/a n/a n/a
101 Nandy Slumps Undertaker n/a n/a n/a


Day Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team
54 Zesty Yaboi Boston Flowers Defense Evelton McBlase II Tokyo Lift

Peanut Allergies

Day Player Event
27 Kit Honey Allergy cured by Peanut Mister


Players on the idol board in certain positions would receivethe Ego modification and subsequent boosts. On Day 99 this season, the following player(s) received the following boosts.

Player New Ego Level
Gerund Pantheocide Ego+

Election Results


Post Election

Season Overview

The Lift started this season on a high note, and ended it on a high note as well - just not quite high enough to qualify for either bracket. The team experienced their first feedback when Goobie Ballson flickered onto the Atlantis Georgias in exchange for team captain Jan Canberra. They also came face to face with Goodwin Morin II, a replica of their former beloved teammate Goodwin Morin. Morin II would fade to dust at the end of the season.

The election saw no small number of roster changes. Original team member and pitcher Grollis Zephyr was moved to the shadows. The Lift traded Engine Eberhardt for the Steaks' Knight Triumphant, and the Georgias reclaimed Canberra as their captain, sending back the currently-Elsewhere Ankle Halifax in return. Lastly, new team member Evelton McBlase II roamed off of the Lift's lineup and onto the Wild Wings.