Beef Wings Corp

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Beef Wings Corp is the world's largest beef wings vendor by turnover.

Once a major restaurant chain with a global presence, changing consumer tastes and a string of lawsuits saw the company slide steadily further into debt. A radical product diversification drive proved disastrous, and the concern was finally plucked from its smouldering crater by a private equity group controlled by St Reverend Girlboss IV.

The subsequent operational restructuring, workforce realignment and asset recapitalisation swiftly reduced the company to a single outlet at the Tokyo Lift's home stadium. This stand is a great physical and conceptual distance from BWC Corporate Headquarters in ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ and operates with considerable autonomy, much to the parent company's ire.

Since the restructuring Girlboss has led efforts to expand the brand's footprint into new markets, including a mooted franchise in Hades. She is also the leering eyeless face of a multi-platform campaign against "wingsposting", the unlicensed dissemination of recipes purported to replicate or simulate fondly-remembered Beef Wings Corp products. This is presented not as a profit-protection or intellectual property issue but one of safety, after bootleg recipes were linked first to a series of localised psychotectonic anomalies and then to the Flacebook group BeefWingsFansUnited establishing a sauce-capable microstate in the South China Sea.

Showing a desire to move with the times, Beef Wings Corp have launched a worldwide Beef Wings app called "Beefly". Obvious logistical constraints prevent it from including an ordering or delivery feature, and its functionality so far consists of aggressively urging users at irregular intervals to press a button labelled "Beef Wings". The consequence of doing so has not been explained.