Aya Chartreuse

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Aya Chartreuse is a rotation player for the Tokyo Lift and has been with the Team since the Return(s) of Blaseball.

Official League Records

Chartreuse joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Tokyo Lift with the Return(s) of Blaseball.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Personal History

Before Blaseball

Aya Chartreuse, born Aya Shimojima, is a crustpunk and a citizen/employee of the Tokyo Fitness Center. Chartreuse fought frequently with her parents, who kicked her out when she was a teenager. Already a frequent participant in the community programming offered at the Legscraper, Chartreuse decided to move in and live in the building full time. She also changed her surname to Chartreuse because she thought it sounded more sophisticated.

As a result of living in the Legscraper, Chartreuse spent most of her time around blaseball-related oddness and had passing familiarity with several players of the Lift. She preferred to spend her time exploring the Legscraper. After several years, Chartreuse became able to navigate the non-Euclidean sub-basements of the Legscraper. She could also see through some of the shadows-related oddities of the building, although she refuses to believe that this is unusual.

In addition, Chartreuse volunteers at the Legscraper. She particularly enjoys spending time around kids, and spoke openly in an interview about the importance of having a non-parental adult role model as a child, especially after her own conflicts with her parents. Chartreuse also enjoys teaching children to swear.


Chartreuse continued to partake in community center amenities in the Legscraper. One of those amenities is a pottery studio residency, which she shared with Gumdrop Che Amran, Özlem Suttner, and Katy Hermoso. Chartreuse’s main interests laid in decorating pottery rather than sculpting, making her interests a good match with Che Amran, who preferred making over decorating.

The four of them connected through pottery, and eventually connected to the city of Tokyo, nicknaming themselves “Throwkyo” after pottery throwing. As the Fitness Center and the Legscraper gradually re-became the home of the Tokyo Lift, the members of Throwkyo felt drawn to the lift. Chartreuse came to idolize Farrell Seagull and her casual, cool determination to do what she wanted.

Collectively, the members of Throwkyo discussed how they were drawn to the team, the dangers of blaseball, and what happened to the prior members of the Lift. Chartreuse in particular had an affinity for blaseball and was determined to join. Eventually, they decided to join together, in hopes that they could bring joy and splortsmanship to the team.


  • Chartreuse’s favorite team is the Chicago Firefighters. She intended to join them instead of the Lift, and gets excited when they play one another.
  • Chartreuse’s hair is chartreuse.
  • Chartreuse is the best cook on the team and enjoys baking.
  • Chartreuse does not speak English, and does not want to learn, despite Gumdrop Che Amran’s offers to tutor her.
  • Chartreuse has expressed a desire to open a rage room in the Legscraper. While teammates have said they’re not sure if that’s possible because the Legscraper tends to avoid damage, Chartreuse is working closely with scrap artist and teammate Rush Valenzuela, who says he’ll have a solution any day now.