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The Oregon Psychics were a team that competed in Ultra League Blaseball and Internet League Blaseball in the Pre-History I era. They joined Ultra League Blaseball's Bad League on The First Day (1st Edition), transferring to the Evil League when the Sub-League was renamed.

Notably, the Psychics have the full-team modification Psychic.

During the Season C elections, Parker MacMillan Roamed to the Psychics.

On day 97 of Season D, Shame occurred during a game between the Charleston Shoe Thieves and the Psychics, during which Megan Ito was pitching.

During the Season D elections, the Psychics Revoked MacMillan, leaving them Unstable. On day 9 of Season E, this Instability wore off. After this, The team was incinerated at an unknown point. Notably, the Psychics were not among the teams to join Internet League Blaseball during Season AA of Pre-History II, so presumably they were incinerated during Season E.

The Psychics exited the Hall of Flame when it was left unattended by the Monitor during Latesiesta of Season β24. They were nullified on day 99 of the same season and are now located within the Black Hole (Black Hole).


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