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This wiki is just one type of lore repository. There are many types of content better suited for display elsewhere, although there are still ways for it to intersect with this Wiki.

This section of the style guide is not intended to dictate any perception of acceptable creative expressions in Blaseball, nor should it be used as a weapon in discussions of canon.

Alcohol, Marijuana, or Tobacco Abuse, or Mentions/Use of Illegal Substances

Narratives about people abusing alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco are not suitable for this Wiki. "Illegal substances" refers in this case to drugs illegal in the United States for recreational use, e.g. hallucinogens. While we recognize that this stance against certain forms of substance use stigmatizes those who use or abuse them, and in some cases their legal status depends on racist, inaccurate, or otherwise contestable research, we have chosen to align our content policies largely with those of the main Blaseball Discord for community consistency.

Fan Teams

This wiki does not host original characters or teams that have never been featured on We don't have the resources to visibly separate fan teams from official teams, so to prevent confusion, all fan teams and OCs should be posted instead to our sister wiki, [1].

On occasion, fan communities are invited to participate in special tournaments on The players for these teams, such as the Society Data Witches, can choose whether and how they would like to be represented on the wiki. For more information, see Help:Locked Pages

Graphic Violence

Blaseball is, ultimately, an absurdist horror game, and that means that horrific things can happen to players. Some contributors may wish to match the tone of Blaseball by introducing horrific narrative features in wiki entries. While we accept horror elements on the wiki, we do not want any content on this wiki to put any particular focus on graphic violence, whether associated with horror or not. Descriptions of violence should generally be limited to one or two sentences at most, and should not describe the physical aspects of the violence in great detail.

Narrative Fanfiction

Fanfiction is one of the common ways the fan community creates and fleshes out the world and lore of Blaseball, whether through longform stories, Twitter role-playing, or something else entirely. Narrative fanfiction, however, is not generally written in what would be considered a typical wiki style (i.e., third person biographical) and thus is often incompatible with the Blaseball Wiki. In lieu of directly hosting narrative fanfiction, we encourage the use of externally-hosted fanfiction as a "source" for lore written in the wiki style, giving credit by linking via citations. You can see this in action on the pages of Dunlap Figueroa, Kit Adamses, or Oliver Loofah among others. Writing narrative fiction elsewhere, then linking it on this wiki as a citation makes the universe of Blaseball much richer with just that small act.

This is not intended to exclude fiction that appears in the form of non-fiction. See Part III for tips and advice on how to write in this style.

Players in the Shadows

In a change at the start of the Expansion Era, the Shadows roster for every team was newly accessible by any Fan who purchased an Apple from the Concessions. The Shadows are the Blaseball equivalent of a real world "bench," meaning players who are on the team, but have not participated in the game. At this time, there are bot-generated pages for many players who exist in the Shadows. Not every Shadows player will have a page due to the frequency of our automation tools being activated.

Players who are in the Shadows and have not previously been active in the game have locked wiki pages or no wiki pages until they are brought into an active roster. All Shadows player pages are locked until they have participated in active games of Blaseball, and wiki writing may begin after 24 hours of active play (or 24 hours from their first game should they not participate for a full 24 hours for various reasons). The exception to this rule is for players who exit the Shadows immediately before an Offseason; in such cases, their pages are unlocked after 24 hours, as though they were a replacement for an incinerated player.

Beyond the scope of this wiki, community members may wish to collaboratively write about players in their chosen team's Shadows. The Wiki Team cautions against this for two reasons. The first is that players in the Shadows can switch teams via any number of Wills and Blessings, and by the time they become active players, the teams that have written about the player may not be the team that player is active on. This leads to the second point: New characters are a rare commodity in Blaseball, and we believe that in the spirit of fairness, each player should be given 24 hours of active play before wiki entries are written. Lore written for a character before they emerge and participate in the game takes that opportunity away from future collaborators, even collaborators on other teams who may not know that lore has been written in secret.

Fascism & Exclusively Real Life Politics

Blaseball itself is inherently political in nature and is commonly understood to be a commentary on the forces of capitalism on a community. Contributors to this wiki are welcome to engage in the political themes of Blaseball and represent similar viewpoints.

However, this wiki is antifascist, and any content that glorifies or indicates support for fascist and/or authoritarian perspectives will be removed without warning, with the contributor subject to administrative action.

This wiki is also not the place for political campaigning. Specific electoral politics and writing that advocates for a real-life political viewpoint as its sole purpose are not allowed on this wiki. Furthermore, not all content on this wiki refers to the political nature of Blaseball. Many readers and contributors come to Blaseball for escapism, so consider whether integrating political content into a character or story is fitting. Reach out to wiki moderators and admins for questions about this.

Real People and External Media

The Blaseball Wiki is not a place for writing about real people in the real world. Celebrities and external properties can be referenced, but do not insert people into Blaseball lore writing wholesale. Keep the references small. If you wish to include something larger, changing the names and making a parody of the person or property is strongly encouraged. It's common to place an "L" into a word to Blaseball-ify it for the purposes of parody.

Be aware of who you are referencing, if you are referencing a celebrity. Making a parody of your favorite podcaster is less acceptable than making a parody of a corporate executive. Consider the person you are referencing and if they are a sufficiently public figure that making a parody of them would be commonplace.

Copying and pasting content from other sources falls within this section and should be avoided. This includes content with copyright licenses that permit copying (e.g., Wikipedia) and content that has been lightly modified. Reach out to wiki moderators and admins for questions about this.


Do not create self-insert characters on this wiki. A self-insert is a character that significantly mirrors the personality of the author, and often is a power fantasy about the writer achieving great goals. Self-inserts are not allowed to prevent situations where there is disagreement about the writing, and the author feels personally attacked, as well as to prevent situations of a community member attempting to leverage their position to create dominant works about themselves, or vice versa.

In certain cases, self-insert characters may be allowed after a wiki administrator gives explicit approval. Examples of this include community led events such as New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III and the multiple "blasesonas" of the Pandemonium Artists.

Sexual Content

While romance and physical intimacy are often culturally intertwined, we do not permit any mention or discussion of explicit sexual intimacy, or especially specific implications. To clarify, it is one thing to say in a revelatory voice, "They were roommates;" it is another thing to comment on the integrity of one's bedsprings. We recognize sexual intimacy is a common element of human relationships; however, with a significant proportion of minors in the community and a general emphasis on a PG-13 content level, we would direct sexual or erotic content to be posted elsewhere and distributed with care within the community.