Help:Locked Pages

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There are a number of reasons why contributors may currently be unable to edit a page on the Wiki. This may include:

  • Newly created player pages and team pages, particularly those automatically generated toward the end of the Expansion Era. Any contributors wishing to add Official League Records or Community Lore to these pages may request an unlock via the page's Talk page.
  • During the Expansion Era, a player who gained Legendary status would have their page "preserved" (locked), in a nod to the in-game mechanic of players being sent to the Vault. Following the conclusion of the Expansion Era, all contributors are welcome to request an unlock on Legendary/Preserved players to update their Official League Records, or to propose Community Lore updates (provided such additions remain within the content expectations of MVP/Vaulted players).
  • The majority of Templates on the wiki are subject to moderated editing, where proposed changes must be cleared by a wiki team member able to check proposals will not break a Template's functionality. Some high-use Templates, such as the IRM Templates, are locked for editing, to minimise the risk of widescale damage to the wiki.
  • If a page is being edited at the same time by many different people, or if that is expected to be a risk (as in the case of high-profile trades, etc.), the page may be locked until a consensus is reached.
  • In the case of a content dispute, intentional defacing, flooding, or otherwise attempting to circumvent the collaboration guidelines and spirit of the wiki, affected pages will be locked until the issue is resolved.
  • In rare instances, Blaseball players are the creation of a specific person - such as the players for the Pandemonium Artists. A subset of those players may be either private or personal, meaning their creator has either sole rights or veto rights to the contents of their page below the Community Lore banner.

If you have encountered a page that you believe should be unlocked, or if you have feedback about a locked and/or admin-written page, please reach out to the wiki team.