Help:Getting Started

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You do not need an account to read the wiki, but you must create an account in order to write articles and participate in discussions on the Blaseball Wiki. Fortunately, this is very easy.

Account Creation

1. Go to the top right corner and click Login. This should open the following dropdown:

Illustration of where the create account menu option is.

Click "Create Account."

2. Fill in the page as appropriate. An email address is optional, but if you do not input one, you will not be able to recover any lost passwords! We do not use your email address for any other purpose.

A Screenshot of the wiki's account creation page.

If you are having difficulty with our CAPTCHAs, you can ask for help in the Blaseball server.

3. Click "Create your account" and you're done!

Optional Steps

4. After your account is created, you can update your User Page with an avatar and profile information. Click your username in the top right corner. Then, click "Edit Profile". This will let you fill in many optional fields, but the most important fields are in "Custom Information", so click that.

A screenshot of the wiki's custom user page options.

We encourage you to add additional contact information, such as a Discord or Twitter name. This allows your fellow Blaseball fans and/or the wiki team to contact you regarding your contributions, especially if you aren’t reachable through other means.

By reading this guide, you are already well on your way to learning about editing the Wiki. There are additional, subject-specific guides for you to use if you need (see Part IV), as well as various Help pages on the Wiki. These cover a wide variety of topics, but if you still have questions, feel free to post on the forums or reach out to the wiki team.