Electric Kettle

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Electric Kettle is a pitcher for the Real Game Band.

Official League Records

Kettle joined Internet League Blaseball as a pitcher for the Real Game Band during the inaugural Coffee Cup after the percolation of The Murph left the team without any pitchers.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Following the percolation of The Murph in Game 3 against Macchiato City, the Real Game Band was left without any pitchers remaining on their entire team. Immediately afterwards, a tendril assembled from various wires and other various computer parts descended from the skies and placed Electric Kettle upon the pitcher's mound, decorated appropriately with a Real Game Band cap.

Electric Kettle has been observed to be fully sentient and able to aptly communicate by blowing steam into any shape that they desire, including, but not limited to full sentences and simple drawings. Despite not being a great pitcher, mainly due to literally being an electric kettle, Electric Kettle is loved by his teammates and fans regardless.

Fan Works


Electric Kettle is the focus of the following song: