Free Refill

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Free Refill is a Modification from Coffee 2 Weather that debuted in the Coffee Cup.


Players with Free Refill will refill an In when they score a run.

Wait what?

To make things clear: When an inning is beginning, it begins with ins, until all of the ins are out, and then they’re outs (unless you fill them back in, making them ins again), and that’s when the inning ends, making the inning an outing.[1]

That Didn't Help

In Coffee 2 Weather, there is a chance that a player will be Poured Over and given the Free Refill modification that will be removed the next time they score a run. A Free Refill being used results in removing an existing out for that inning. For example, if a player with a Free Refill scores a run while there are two outs, one will be removed and the next player will start with only one out on the count.


Free Refills first appeared in the second round of the Coffee Cup, and returned alongside Coffee 2 Weather in the Expansion Era.

As with all game-length modifications, Free Refill was only removed if a player was present at the end of the game. This has resulted in several players receiving free refills while Inhabiting players, and taking them back to the Hall of Flame.

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