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Coffee Cup ILB Recognition?

Cuttlefishman (talkcontribs)

TGB has said as much that the Coffee Cup is not to be taken as an official season record or the like, but at the same time it did introduce new players which have been involved in the ongoing Blaseball Narrative, like Liquid Plasma and new weather conditions which continue to affect the game.

I added a short mention of this lack of recognition into my changes to this page to include the weather introduced, but if anyone else wants to give a vibe check on how best to phrase this kinda... mixed bag of recognition, that'd be great.

Cuttlefishman (talkcontribs)

Arguement here isn't that like, it shouldn't be canon or anything, as it is - and in the mechanical side of the Blaseball Wiki, it is best treated as it's own season for navigational and organizational purposes - but for like... recognition of stats / accomplishments / etc, my understanding is that it is not a season for those purposes or anything.

But... I would say that how to understand it / judge it is definitely a bit blurred.

Nesblitt (talkcontribs)

I said this in the discord, but I don't think it necessarily needs to be acknowledged in a negative way. The only group that does not think of it as official is statistics compilers. It would be better rephrased to mention what it did add to the Expansion Era imo.

Pitapot (talkcontribs)


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