Blaseball Consistency Principle

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Blaseball Consistency Principle is a theorized principle of interdimensional harmonics stating that the events and outcomes of Blaseball games are consistent across all possible dimensions. It was first postulated in the early days of the Interdimensional Rumor Mill based on observations of other dimensions, and become the foundation of much of Blaseball metaphysics.

Recently this principle has become controversial, as it has been discovered that a very small percentage of IRM entries do in fact indicate divergences. Statistically if there was no force acting to ensure consistency a much greater variety of outcomes would be expected, but the few exceptions cannot be fully explained by current theories of Blaseball metaphysics.

Researchers and occultists have attempted to resolve this discrepancy in a variety of ways:

  • Suggesting ways in which observed discrepancies might be interpreted in ways that do not actually violate the principle.
  • Theorizing that the Grand Unslam fractured Blaseball's metaphysical structure, allowing previously-impossible violations of the principle to occur.
  • Proposing that these dimensions are unreal "non-canon" worlds created by temporary fluctuations in underlying audiospatial resonance.
  • Claiming that these divergent dimensions are following a separate consistency principle associated with hitherto unknown splort or splort-like platonic objects.

The passing of the Alternate Reality decree has for the first time allowed Blaseball players to visit dimensions outside the one they originated in, offering new potential avenues for research into this topic.