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Runolfio Peeper is the Poet Laureate of the Baltimore Crabs. To date, he is the only Poet Laureate in Blaseball. There is some uncertainty about who, exactly, Peeper is. Most people are familiar with the Runolfio Peeper who attends nearly every Crabs game, watching quietly from the left field bleachers. This Runolfio Peeper is well known in the Baltimore community--proudly Mexican-American, a former municipal bus driver, and an addiction-recovery counselor. He is often seen scribbling poems on napkins in the Crabitat, which fans later picked up.

When this Peeper was interviewed by the Baltimore Slun, the reporter mentioned Peeper's famous poem about Nora Perez. "That one is quite excellent," he said, "and I can say that modestly because I didn't write it." The reporter was confused, and asked who wrote the poem. "Why, it says right on the poem." Peeper replied. "Runolfio Peeper is the author."

Others have pointed out that Peeper sometimes officially releases books of poems or appears in the newspapers, but at other times his poems are found on the ground (who knows how many have been lost to the Crabitat cleaning staff) and therefore the authorship of some the poems could be any fan who had a handy pen and napkin. "All of my favorite Runolfio Peeper poems are the ones that other people wrote." Peeper said during another interview.

Peeper poems honoring incincerated players:

Peeper poems about current players:

Peeper poems about former players: