Memorial Pearls

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

On a partially submerged section in the stands of the Crabitat there is a very old and very large oyster that lives there year round, since it is very difficult and somewhat impractical to vacate your seat when you are a very old and very large oyster.

This oyster is also able to take the remains of incinerated players and use them to create several small pearls that can be carried as a keepsake. The pearls are completely immune to incineration due to their nature and often a way to mourn and honour someone to take on a pearl that they held onto because of someone they missed.

This is considered to be a privilege reserved for players and staff, however a beloved member of the community may also be accepted to be memorialized in such a way.

Yurts Trunbo the groundskeeper of the Crabitat acts as the keeper of both the Oyster itself, and of the process of making or requesting pearls. While any incinerated player or former player for the Crabs will have at least a portion of their ashes used in such a way, there are very few people who will receive a pearl to commemorate their fallen comrade.

While it is not public knowledge who has pearls from each player due to the private nature of the event, this is a collection of who is thought to have pearls of some of the departed members of the Baltimore Crabs.

Pearl Recipients

Nora Perez

Nora Perez’s pearls were distributed to Combs Duende, Forrest Best, and Kennedy Loser.

  • Tillman Henderson requested one, but was turned down.
    • Upon Combs’ incineration, Nora’s pearl was actually passed on to Tillman.

Combs Duende

Combs Duende’s pearls were distributed to Kennedy Loser, Sutton Dreamy, Valentine Games, Forrest Best, Mickey Woods, and Beck Whitney.

  • Tillman Henderson requested one, but was turned down.
  • Sutton Dreamy received many of Combs’ pearls to use in a commemorative mosaic that she completed in Combs’ honour.

Tillman Henderson

Tillman Henderson’s pearls were distributed to Kennedy Loser, Adalberto Tosser, Forrest Best, and Declan Suzanne.

  • Upon his return, Tillman Henderson requested one of his own pearls, but was turned down.

Chorby Soul

Chorby Soul's pearls were distributed to Thomas Dracaena, Theodore Cervantes, Patty Fox, Fynn Doyle, Schneider Bendie, Andrew Solis, Oliver Loofah, and Kennedy Loser.

  • In an unusual turn of events, Soul themselves asked if one of the pearls could be preserved in case they returned. Yurts agreed to this request.
    • Upon their revival as a replica, Yurts passed on the pearl as requested, though Chorby Soul III did not remember the agreement.

Luis Acevedo

Luis Acevedo's pearls were distributed to Tot Clark, Oliver Notarobot, Loubert Ji-Eun, Xandra Pancakes, Beck Whitney, Rivers Rosa, Sutton Dreamy, Evelton McBlase II, Edric Tosser, Alaynabella Hollywood and Kennedy Loser.

  • Allegedly, the first time that Acevedo haunted Loser they did something with his pearl and Acevedo has refused to tell anyone where it is.

Hewitt Best

Though Hewitt Best was only on the team for a short time due to the team’s Carcinization effect, Yurts still made the offer to preserve his remains with the highest honours. The Kansas City Breath Mints accepted this offer, and Best’s pearls were distributed to their entire roster, past and present, as well as having one sent to his old rival on the Crabs, Forrest Best.

  • Upon expressing surprise at the number of pearls to be distributed, the Breath Mints confirmed that, “that was just the kind of guy Hew was” and Yurts was happy to comply.

Logan Horseman

Despite Logan Horseman playing only a single season with the Crabs, the team was quick to reach out to the Miami Dale to make the offer, and Logan’s pearls were distributed to Dunlap Figueroa, Adalberto Tosser, Kennedy Loser, and Jacoby Podcast, with the pearls designated for the Dale being instead used to encrust a pair of shutter shades with and mount them on the wall behind the boat's DJ booth, “so he can always watch over the party”.

Valentine Games

While Valentine Games was never incinerated, their partner Pedro Davids approached Yurts about having a pearl made for him to keep after Games became Legendary. Since both of them were original members of the Baltimore Crabs, Yurts agreed and was able to make a single pearl for Davids.

  • The ashes used for this pearl were said to be made from the letters that the two had exchanged, and it remains the only pearl that was not made in a set due to the unusual circumstances.

Brock Forbes

The pearls of Brock Forbes were distributed to Adalberto Tosser, Kennedy Loser, Pedro Davids, Finn James, Parker Parra, Sutton Dreamy, Silvaire Roadhouse, Tot Fox, Baldwin Breadwinner, Jacoby Podcast, and Cory Twelve.

  • The pearl gifted to Cory Twelve was passed on by former teammate Silvaire Roadhouse, who also did an etching of a rose on the surface of the pearl. Twelve will take any opportunity to show it off proudly to teammates and friends.
  • Trunbo reportedly reserved an additional pearl for the Olde One.

Chorby Soul III

Chorby Soul III’s pearls were distributed to Kennedy Loser, Zeruel Kramer, Yurts Trunbo and his assistant.

Jon Halifax

Jon Halifax’s pearls were distributed to Kennedy Loser, Bevan Underbuck, Trinity Smaht, Lorcan Smaht, and Max Betmint.

  • There are rumours that shortly after receiving their pearls Max Betmint began creating NTFs of it.

Adalberto Tosser

Adalberto Tosser’s pearls were distributed to Kennedy Loser, Pedro Davids, Lorcan Smaht, Montgomery Bullock, Sutton Dreamy, Holden Stanton, Finn James, Evelton McBlase II, Baldwin Breadwinner, Dunn Keyes, Axel Campbell, Joshua Watson, Tot Fox, Bevan Underbuck, Silvaire Roadhouse, Squid Galvanic, Parker Parra, Jacoby Podcast, Edric Tosser, Margarito Nava, and Zeboriah Wilson.

Winnie Hess

After the incineration of the Kansas City Breath Mints Winnie Hess’ pearls were distributed to Leach Ingram, Rodriguez Internet, Oscar Vaughan, Michelle Sportsman, Kennedy Loser, Pedro Davids, Adalberto Tosser, Parker Parra, Montgomery Bullock, Lucas Petty, Lenny Spruce, Dickerson Morse, Stew Briggs, Pudge Nakamoto, Joshua Watson, Jacob Haynes, and Sandie Carver.

  • Hess was known for being an extremely large horse, so when she was incinerated there were simply a massive amount of pearls of incredible quality produced. Due to the incineration of the team there were also not as many people left to receive them as there once may have been, so many people received entire necklaces (or tree garland in the case of Spruce) of pearls.
    • In particular necklaces were gifted to Ingram, Internet, Vaughn, and Sportsman.

Sutton Dreamy

After the incineration of the Hawai'i Fridays, Sutton Dreamy’s pearls were distributed to Parker Parra, Rivers Rosa, Kennedy Loser, Montgomery Bullock, Tot Fox, Silvaire Roadhouse, and Pedro Davids.

Alyssa Harrell

While after the incineration of the Hawai'i Fridays it was argued that due to her non existence it would be impossible to distribute the pearls of Alyssa Harrell, however the staff of the Crabitat maintained a worker who specialized in non-existence and was able to assist in the creation and distribution of these pearls. Harrell’s pearls were distributed to Baldwin Breadwinner, Pedro Davids, Kennedy Loser, Gabriel Griffith, Spears Taylor, Theodore Cervantes, Thomas Dracaena, Patty Fox, Sandie Turner, Richardson Games, Felix Garbage, Schneider Bendie, Conrad Vaughan, Bevan Underbuck, and Fynn Doyle.

Other Memorials

Yurts allegedly has one of every pearl that has been made, including one from the Olde One herself that is occasionally used by the Clawricle to look into the future.

A Debt Repaid

While not members of the Baltimore Crabs, Silvaire Roadhouse made a special request to Trunbo to allow pearls to be made of the victims of the instability caused by her debt. Trunbo agreed, and any teams willing to lay aside some of the affected player’s ashes were able to receive pearls for their departed teammate.

Gunther O’Brian

Gunther O’Brian’s pearls were distributed to Cornelius Games, Beasley Gloom, Esme Ramsey, Blood Hamburger, Agan Harrison, and the entirety of the Kansas City Breath Mints.

  • While Tillman Henderson was in the Vault at the time of O’Brian’s death, a pearl was put aside for him should he ever return to the ILB.

Helga Washington

Helga Washington’s pearls were distributed to Winnie Hess, Mooney Doctor II. Pudge Nakamoto, Jode Preston, Marquez Clark, PolkaDot Zavala, Kina Larsen, Rodriguez Internet, and Marco Stink.

  • The pearl for Mooney Doctor II was launched into space towards the Breath Star.
  • Washington left a list of mountains she requested her pearls be placed atop. Marquez Clark, once shadowed by Washington, offered to carry out the request with the aid of PolkaDot Zavala.

Helga Moreno

Helga Moreno’s pearls were distributed to Helga Burton, Parker Meng, Kurt Crueller, Sandford Garner, Mint Shupe, Silvia Winner, Alexander Horne, Bontgomery Mullock, King Roland, Karato Bean, Mindy Salad, Theo King, Milo Brown, Percival Wheeler, Tot Fox, Foxy Pebble, Kennedy Meh, Kichiro Guerra, Ortiz Lopez, Knight Triumphant, NaN, Sigmund Castillo, Don Mitchell, Yosh Carpenter and the crew of the Blimp Hardison.

  • While Liquid Friend was in the Vault at the time of Moreno’s death, a pearl was put aside for them should they ever return to the ILB.