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In Season β21 the Baltimore Crabs finished first in the Mild League, second in the ILB, and claimed their second Championship.

Adalberto Tosser spent a chunk of the season pitching 3 of every 4 Crabs games, and Axel Campbell faxed out to return Finn James to active play while the Crabs’ offence managed their first ever double Carcinization activation. The Crabs made a triumphant run at the Postseason, winning it all with a dramatic last-minute tunnel steal from Tosser. Sadly in the election Tosser was traded lost alongside Conner Haley, and gained Silvaire Roadhouse, a James Mora II replica and Jessica Telephone.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Stadium Renovations

The Crabs built 3 stadium renovations.


A thank you Card from the Crabs for their gifts in season 21.

The Crabs received 3 Gifts! - 13,214,584 coins contributed

  • Top Contributors:
  • Fireproof, Team Edition - Wishlist #1
    • The Crabs are safe from incinerations for the rest of the season!
      • +  Fireproof
  • Late to the Party, Team Edition - Wishlist #2
  • Ambitious, Solo Edition - Wishlist #3

Roster Changes

In Season 21 the Crabs were subject to two parties, and one fax.

Notable Games

In Season 21 some notable games for the Crabs were:

  • On Day 46 Lorcan Smaht won't stop stealing runs (Watch here on Before)
  • On Day 80 The Crabs double Carcinize the Magic (Watch here on Before)
  • On Day 115 Adalberto Tosser Steals A Championship (Watch here on Before)

Election Outcomes



Post Election

Season Overview

Crab and Go

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
With Montgomery Bullock starting the season Elsewhere it was a return to form as Adalberto Tosser was forced to pitch twice in a row once again thanks to archaic ILB regulations. This was further exacerbated by Lorcan Smaht using eir Undertaker modification to flip Avila Guzman negative, resulting in em being swept elsewhere, and Tosser pitching three of every four Crabs games, in what could only be called an “absurd way for this rule to work”.

When Smaht did eventually return, ey, alongside other members of the rotation, made quick work of the tunnels and started to commit a long string of thefts. Notably on Day 46 Smaht stole 3 runs from the Fridays, including one in the bottom of the 9th inning, resulting in the Crabs winning 6-5 and shaming the Fridays. This tradition was carried on as Axel Campbell made their play against the Hearty Cool Rock Bat that four other pitchers had unsuccessfully tried to steal. They did succeed in the theft, and then in their very next game they were faxed for Finn James, and made a clean getaway to the Shadows.

The Crab’s lineup managed an impressive feat of activating Carcinization twice in a single game against the Yellowstone Magic, managing to steal both Francisco Preston and Tiana Wheeler for the game.

In other parts of the league there was less good news as former Crab Forrest Best was once again attacked by consumers and redacted, while Trinity Smaht took two consumer attacks aerself, but managed to remain on the roster of the Miami Dale.

This season also marked the discovery of the Baltimore Crabs of prehistory. While it is unclear exactly how they are related to the Baltimore Crabs of today, fans were delighted to learn that they had apparently been recorded as stealing the star pitcher of the Kansas City Breath Mints, a move that had been repeated in the Return.

In the postseason the Crabs made neat work of the competition while continuing their tradition of being unexpectedly thwarted by the Lovers, with newly feedbacked King Roland now of the Fridays managing the only win against the Crabs in the postseason. In a Discipline Era reunion the Crabs and Tigers met in the finals and in one of the most dramatic endings anyone could have hoped for. Despite the fact that he never pitched in the final series, Adalberto Tosser stole a run from the Tigers (the only one they had scored the entire series) and brought the game to 1-0 for the Crabs against the Underhanded Dunlap Figueroa. Bullock was able to lock down the final 3 innings and the Crabs were made the season 21 champions, gaining their fifth championship title, and their second of the Expansion Era.


Fresh off their championship victory, this election turned out to be a turbulent one for the Baltimore Crabs. While they did successfully reform Adalberto Tosser’s Credit to the Team into Siphon, Adalberto Tosser was also traded to the Boston Flowers for former Crab Silvaire Roadhouse. Despite the two switching out of their primary positions, they were surprisingly well suited for batting and pitching respectively.

An attempt to trade Conner Haley for the Vaulted James Mora also resulted in the Crabs gaining a replica James Mora II, while Haley was exchanged by the Steaks for Jessica Telephone

In terms of blessings the Crabs managed to secure the Play to Find Out blessing, making their current rotation all Heist Experts.