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In Season β24 the Baltimore Crabs were Entangled in the Black Hole (Black Hole) and did not complete the regular season.

Despite their brief instability after the incineration of the Hawai'i Fridays, the Crabs survived the season mostly intact. They lost Herring Winfield to Consumer attacks, Montgomery Bullock to the Moist Talkers' Thieves guild, and Dimi Blather, a stray ghost, to Observation. The Crabs made a beeline for the Black Hole (Black Hole) and were eventually entangled in it as it expanded to cover the league.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season 24 the Crabs were subject to one fax, six consumer attacks, drained blood once, and were drained once.

  • On Day 18 Consumers attacked Herring Winfield
  • On Day 18 Consumers attacked Herring Winfield
  • On Day 20 Finn James was replaced in an incoming Fax for Axel Campbell
  • On Day 20 Consumers attacked Herring Winfield
  • On Day 21 Consumers attacked Herring Winfield
  • On Day 21 Consumers attacked Herring Winfield
  • On Day 21 Consumers attacked Herring Winfield
  • on Day 22 Herring Winfield was attacked by consumers and Redacted
  • On Day 58 Zeruel Kramer siphoned some of Alexander Horne's hitting ability
  • On Day 77 Clarinet McCormick siphoned some of Avila Guzman's baserunning ability

Notable Games

Election Outcomes

There was no election in Season 24 due to the nullification of Blaseball.

Season Overview

The Baltimore Crabs Will Live Forever

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
As the season began the league was thrown into the reality of the supernova when on the third day of the season one of the Crab’s long time rivals the Kansas City Breath Mints were incinerated and replaced with the Oxford Paws. The very next day long time Crabs pitcher Adalberto Tosser, now batting for the Boston Flowers, was incinerated by a rogue umpire, proving just how much of a threat the supernova eclipse held for the team.

With the threat of incineration looming, the Crabs were set to play the Hawaii Fridays, made unstable by the super roaming Parker MacMillan, in three consecutive Jazz games that all carried a chance to turn to a supernova eclipse, resulting in a high chance of team incineration. In their first game the teams breathed a sigh of relief as Birds began to circle. In the second game they narrowly avoided extra inning with help from subtractor Kaz Fiasco hitting a ground out, and an inhabiting ghost making a quick end to the inning with a ground out.

Finally in the second inning of the third game of the series the Fridays were incinerated by a rogue umpire and replaced by the Carolina Queens, chaining the instability to the Baltimore Crabs.

The Crabs proceeded to play the next 6 games unstable facing eclipse upon eclipse. During this time fans of the Crabs came together and reflected on the team and their history. They reminisced on the times they had spent together as they waited for the end. It had only taken three games for the Fridays to be incinerated, there was no doubt the Crabs would follow in the next six. Montgomery Bullock, in the shadows at the time, was whisked off to the Moist Talkers via their thieves guild after a particularly impressive showing from the Crabs offense, and managed to escape the rays of the supernova entirely.

Though in the end it was the circumstances that they had often cursed at previously that ended up saving them. In their series against the Moist Talkers they were sheltered under their flooding weather, and in their final series against the Pies the birds circled and kept the eclipses at bay. The Crab’s instability wore off at the end of Day 18.

Other than the constant threat of incineration, this season also marked a return of an old threat when the coin flipped and the league found itself suddenly underwater, pushed further up (down?) by turntables being in full force with the removal of Sun(sun). Finn James was quick to acquire a chair and made good use of it defending both the team and the doomed Fridays in their final games together. But with Finn’s chair broken and used up, it was Herring Winfield that stood at the front of the lineup and began taking those attacks from the hungry consumers. Taking a total of 10 consumer attacks in 9 games before finally being redacted on Day 22, with Kennedy Loser fending off the last attack only one game later before the eDensity issues of the league were resolved.

This was not Loser’s only brush with disaster, as when facing the debted pitcher Niq Nyong'o he was struck by a pitch and became observed, disappearing into The Ovens secret base. Or he would have if it was not for the timely haunting of Dimi Blather of the Maryland Squirrels who took the hit and was redacted in Loser’s place, with some startling implications about the state of ghosts. Further questions were raised when, on Day 76 after the Hall was opened and several teams were marked as deceased, Schneider Bendie arrived to inhabit Kennedy Loser. Bendie was notably still on the New York Millenials and had just finished their at-bat in the Polyhedron. They hit a ground out.

The Event Horizon

While the Balckhole(Blackhole) had been quietly nullifying the rules of blaseball since the earlsiesta, it wasn’t until Day 79 when the Philly Pies agitated it that the league saw it nullify the entire team, resulting in the removal of the Pies from the remainder of the season.

Despite this however, the Crabs happily remained in the Horizon on the Map, remarking that “it’s too late to turn back anyway” and borrowing a phrase from Caribbean patois that “a crab will never forget he hole”.

Soon enough the Crabs, alongside fellow Horizon Dwellers the Ohio Worms, Miami Dale, Tokyo Lift and Mexico City Wild Wings, were Entangled in the black hole as it began to expand and other teams raced for the safety of the Vault, the Desert, or the Hall. The exception being the Hawai’i Fridays who chose instead to do a “cool skate trick” directly into the Event Horizon.

With the teams scattered, nullified, or forced into position the league was in a perilous position as the Balck Hole (Black Hole) nullified the remainder of blaseball and Parker Macmillan reported hearing a “Big Bang”. As the game slipped into an extended siesta only one thing could be certain for our beloved team:

The Baltimore Crabs will Return.