Baltimore Crabs/Season 19

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In Season β19 the Baltimore Crabs finished eighth in the Mild League and fourteenth in the ILB.

Lorcan Smaht gained the Undertaker modification, flipping several players negative and missing much of the season. Tot Fox was caught and traded with Conner Haley in the team’s second ever feedback, and the Crabs Aldon Cashmoney IV Replica followed suit, swapping for Avila Guzman shortly afterwards. In the Election Trinity Smaht was traded for Fran Beans, Parker Meng was traded for the flickering Jacoby Podcast, and Alston Cerveza gained the Underachiever modification.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Tarot Reading

In the Earlsiesta, the Crabs were effected by a tarot reading for the first time - with Lorcan Smaht gaining the Undertaker modification.

The Hanged Man
The Emperor

TURN OVER, Lorcan Smaht +  Undertaker

Stadium Renovations

The Crabs built two renovations.

  • Viscosity + - 2,891,996 Coins Spent
  • Heat Magnet - 2,770,671 Coins Spent


A thank you Card from the Crabs for their gifts in season 19.

Due to staff error, the Gift tally was miscounted, causing several teams to receive fewer gifts than expected; including the Crabs.[1]

Roster Changes

In Season 19 the Crabs were subject to two feedbacks, five parties, and had one allergy cured.

Notable Games

In Season 19 some notable games for the Crabs were:

Election Outcomes


  • sorry again
    • here you go crabs
      • +  Free Gift



  • Teamicon flowers.png
    Go Big? Go Home blessed the Boston Flowers.
    • Flowers avoided Underachievement.
      The Crabs' Alston Cerveza is now an Underachiever.
      • +  Underachiever
    • The Flowers had 2% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Crabs with 20%
      354,059 votes were cast.'
  • Teamicon crabs.png
    Pitching Practice blessed the Baltimore Crabs.
    • The Crabs' had their Rotation's Pitching adjusted by 1 to 4%.
    • The Crabs were boosted.
      • Pitching 4.2 → 4.2
    • Lorcan Smaht's pitching was boosted.
      • Pitching 4.9 5.1
    • Jacoby Podcast's pitching was boosted.
      • Pitching 4.6 4.8
    • Adalberto Tosser's pitching was boosted.
      • Pitching 4.7 4.8
    • Finn James' pitching was boosted.
      • Pitching 4.3 4.4
    • The Crabs had 10% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Fridays with 19%
      1,536,185 votes were cast.
  • Teamicon crabs.png
    Fax Numbers blessed the Baltimore Crabs.
  • Teamicon crabs.png
    Shadowrun blessed the Baltimore Crabs.
    • The Crabs' had their Shadow player's Baserunning adjusted by -5 to 20%.
    • Jon Halifax's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 1.1 1.6
    • Pierre Haley's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 1.4 2.0
    • Axel Campbell's baserunning was impaired.
      • Baserunning 2.3 2.2
    • Rosa Holloway's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 2.1 → 2.1
    • Bevan Underbuck's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 4.4 4.8
    • Hercules Lincecum's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 2.1 3.1
    • Samothes Dembélé's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 3.1 3.2
    • Samothes Thwompson's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 1.9 2.1
    • Miguel Peterson's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 3.6 3.9
    • Squid Galvanic's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 2.9 3.6
    • Robbins Schmitt's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 3.0 3.5
    • Alexandria Hess' baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 1.5 2.1
    • Joyner Rugrat's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 2.8 3.2
    • Javier Howe's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 3.2 3.8
    • Elijah Glover's baserunning was impaired.
      • Baserunning 2.7 2.6
    • Thomas Marsh's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 1.7 1.8
    • Matheo Tanaka's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 2.5 2.7
    • Montgomery Bullock's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 2.4 → 2.4
    • Parker Parra's baserunning was boosted.
      • Baserunning 4.4 4.6
    • The Crabs had 13% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Jazz Hands with 14%
      1,449,254 votes were cast.

Season Overview

Season 19: Crabs Good | Crabs Bad Superposition

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
With the passing of Turntables and its immediate ratification into non-physical law, the Baltimore Crabs’ chances at a postseason seemed unlikely, given their performance the season prior. Additionally, both their planned wills for the previous season had resolved successfully and shored up the team’s consistency: with their team looking stable, most Crabs fans agreed to simply accept the likely unwin tank in the oncoming season, in the assumption that Turntables would eventually be repealed.

Featuring a 2-run Home Run by Cedric Gonzalez.

The Crabs' performance in the earlseason, however, brought an unexpected shred of hope that Time For Crab could potentially still be on the horizon: on Day 10, in a game against league superstars (and thus, later, first to partytime of the season) the Philly Pies, the Crabs managed to loop and gain legitimate wins from Sun 2's blessings twice in one game before losing.

This incredible performance boosted the Crabs’ standing on the board by two Sun-wins and one unloss, leaving them in second place for their division. The Crabs then proceeded to loop twice more in the earlseason, seeming just within playoff contention through their earlseason performance if the loop-wins could simply continue.

Sadly, it was not to be. The rest of their season passed devoid of any further Sun 2 loops, and as they steadily slipped back updown the division leaderboard, the Crabs at last finished almost square in the middle of the pack with 51 unwins; far outside of playoff’s reach.

Despite quickly falling away from having a reasonable chance of making the playoffs, Season 19 was anything but a quiet season for the Baltimore Crabs.

During the Earlsiesta, shortly after watching both team captain Kennedy Loser and local umbramancer Enid Marlow swept away by floods of Immateria, star party pitcher and Smaht sibling Lorcan Smaht found themselves Turning Over into an Undertaker by the Reader’s influence: yet, trapped on the mound as a pitcher, eir inability to dive in after swept-away teammates quickly made itself clear. (Kennedy would return only twelve days later, while Enid would take almost the entirety of the season to find her way back.)

This turnover only marked the beginning of changes for the Crabs, as on Day 62, a surge of Feedback raised between the Crabs and the San Francisco Lovers. This was the first time the Baltimore Crabs had been exposed to Feedback since Season β4 had brought Tot Fox into their lineup, and in a stroke of irony, Tot was the very player lost to the Feedback in Season 19, replaced by now-Old Bay spiced ILB star Conner Haley.

Only a game after Conner had joined the team, a flood of Immateria swept away both himself, Zeruel Kramer, and the grill the two had happened to be repairing at the time. While Kramer returned only three days later, Conner remained absent for the rest of the season, perhaps to leave the Crabs to process the departure of their beloved fox.

During the Lateseason, in fear of the possibility of getting Chorbied once more, the Crabs took every measure to protect themselves; installing Heat Magnets into the Crabitat, coating the team in Eclipse SPF sunscreen, and also creating a replica of Aldon Cashmoney to protect the team from the Legendary Super Roamin’ Fifth Base. (They also made the Crabitat more Viscous, yet again.)

Their addition of the faux-Aldon (quickly nicknamed Crabmoney), however, ended up protecting them from weather in an unexpected way: a second wave of feedback left the Crabs unintentionally guilty of Funko Fraud, as Cashmoney IV was exchanged for expert batter and barista Avila Guzman of the Seattle Garages.

Only a game after this unprecedented exchange, the Crabs slipped into Party Time, and though a majority of their partying was at the hands of ‘heart of the fry economy’ Adalberto Tosser, the Crabs nonetheless managed to party and rest for the last week of the mainseason.


Despite the mainseason already proving chaotic to the Crabs, the election proved just as tumultuous (if not more so) for the cantankerous crustaceans.

On the side of Wills, while beloved Crabs pitcher Montgomery Bullock was successfully infused within the team’s Shadows, a sole wimdy sent Trinity Smaht exchanged for Fran Beans of the Mexico City Wild Wings, leaving the Smaht siblings tragically separated.

Furthermore, unsatisfied with his performance, the Worms elected to ship Jacoby Podcast right back to the Crabs (after having stolen them in Season 15) and, this time, taking Parker Meng in his place. The Crabs are overjoyed to have Podcast back home, and wish Meng all the best in her new, loamy home.

As for Blessings, a two-season drought was broken as the Crabs reaped in three blessings: Pitching Practice, Fax Numbers, and Shadowrun, powering up the pitchers on their main rotation and supercharging their shadows players for future use. Meanwhile, despite having the highest quotient of votes on it, the Crabs lost the Go Big? Go Home blessing to the Boston Flowers. In a twist of fate, out of all the players the blessing could target as the Flowers avoided it, it went straight for the Crabs, leaving Alston Cerveza an Underachiever and his prospects as a slugger highly ambiguous.

With their team looking thoroughly different from its status at the beginning of the season but nevertheless solid, and with Sun(Sun) effectively repealing Turntables, only time could tell what could be in store for the Crabs the next season.