Baltimore Crabs/Season 4

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In Season β4 the Baltimore Crabs finished fourth in the Evil League, and eighth in the ILB. They won two blessings in the Election.

The Crabs missed the playoffs by one game after fading at the end of the season due to the loss of Valentine Games who was feedbacked for Tot Fox, and Combs Duende who was incinerated and replaced by Finn James.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season 4 the Crabs were subject to one feedback swap, and one incineration. On Day 25 Valentine Games was caught in the feedback and swapped with Tot Fox On Day 63 Combs Duende was incinerated and replaced by Finn James

Notable Games

In Season 4 some notable games for the Crabs were:

Election Outcomes

The Crabs won two blessings, and were effected by one Decree.

Season Overview

Getting Burned

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
Despite their strong start, the Crabs met a number of setbacks along the road in season 4. First was the loss of newly improved Valentine Games on Day 35, who was lost in a feedback swap with the Jazz Hands, and replaced with Tot Fox. This was followed by the loss of the team captain Combs Duende, who was incinerated by a rogue umpire and replaced by Finn James emerging from the Chesapeake Bay on Day 63. With their captain gone it was Kennedy Loser, Forrest Best, and Brock Forbes who took up the responsibilities of leading the team. In the end the Crab’s missed the postseason by a single game.


Rather than looking outside their team, this selection the Crabs focused on optimizing their lineup and rotation with their existing players. Oliver Notarobot and Tillman Henderson were moved to the lineup to bat, and Finn James and Joshua Watson were moved to the pitching rotation.