Howard and Dwayne

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Howard and Dwayne are the co-managers of the Baltimore Crabs. They are a married couple of moon crab cowboyss.

They met when Howard was driving a herd of Stellar’s sea cows across the Chesapeake Bay plains. Howard and his herd were attacked by a striped bass bounty hunter. Howard later reported that he feared for his life until the timely intervention of a crab the bay knew as “The Crab with No Name, Dwayne”. Dwayne scared off the striped bass bounty hunter and so began Howard and Dwayne’s love story.

Howard and Dwayne bonded attending many Baltimore Crabs’ practice games and began to manage an blittle league team together.

Eventually they married, the ceremony taking place at the Crabitat. Dwayne said the stadium was chosen because it was where their love bloomed.

The Mother Crab did not attend the wedding (likely as it’s attendance would have begun the Great Crab Reckoning too early) but she did send a gift; making it known that Howard and Dwayne should co-manage it’s beloved Baltimore Crabs. Howard and Dwayne had only one response to this duty; “Yee Claw!"