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Deborah’s Landing Hotel was originally built in YEAR in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, due to an increased focus on the city’s tourism economy in the several decades prior to the Great Crab Reckoning. It was one of the more popular waterfront hotels in the area, often housing visitors touring the city or paying tribute to the Olde One. In YEAR, a sky bridge was built attaching Deborah’s Landing to the Maryland Convention Center, drawing in exponentially more business from tourists attending local conventions and trade shows.

Deborah’s Landing was partially destroyed during the Great Crab Reckoning, and attempts to repair it were made fruitless by the city’s inability to locate its original owners. “It’s like they vanished into thin air,” one city council member stated to a Baltimore Sun reporter. Other locals speculated online that the Hotel’s owners had been ardent worshippers of Big Debrah who had been killed during the Reckoning, or who had otherwise taken their belongings and left town.

Though the work to rebuild Deborah’s Landing stalled, the city recognized it as a historic monument in YEAR, and it was allowed to remain as a fixture of the Inner Harbor. In the years since the Reckoning, the “half-built hotel” became popular in Baltimore’s urban exploration scene, including with some members of the original Baltimore Crabs roster.


In Season 17’s Lateseason, Baltimore Crabs management anonymously received the deed to and legal ownership of Deborah’s Landing, now colloquially referred to among locals as either the Hotel Motel or the Clawliday Inn. The team resolved to spend the subsequent siesta refurbishing the Hotel and once again restoring it to a place suitable for any and all guests to the city. Currently, the Clawliday Inn is under the management of Yurts Trunbo and other Crabitat staff, though former Crabs players no longer in active play have been sighted on the premises helping with the Hotel’s upkeep and day-to-day operations.

Many visitors to the Clawliday Inn have reported seeing ghosts “just hanging out” in the newly remodeled building, though almost all have been identified as “regular blaseball ghosts, you know, like the ones who are messing up [Kennedy] Loser’s batting average”. Crabs management has stated publicly that “the ghosts are welcome to stay as long as they like”, and has reportedly funded one lineup player’s ongoing research into the nature of the hauntings.


The Clawliday Inn staff has recently implemented a guestbook specifically for the ILB's ghosts who visit while haunting Kennedy Loser. The following is a randomly selected entry from the book. This time, the Interdimensional Rumor Mill reveals a Rumor from IF-98.267 out of its Rumor Registry...

For a new place to sleep, it could be worse.