Baltimore Crabs/Season 17

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In Season β17 the Baltimore Crabs finished ninth in the Mild League and nineteenth in the ILB.

Starting the season off with two eclipse games, Chorby Soul was incinerated by a rouge umpire, and their instability chained to Luis Acevedo who was incinerated in the next game. Their replacements Trinity Smaht and Jon Halifax took up their positions, with Smaht in particular spending a lot of time on base with inhabiting ghosts from Kennedy Loser. As the Crabs built their Fax machine, Parker Parra was exchanged for Lorcan Smaht who managed to party 5 times in the lateseason. In the election the Crabs were traded old friend Montgomery Bullock for Fish Summer, while they elected to swap Parker Meng into the shadows for the lone awaited Enid Marlow.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Stadium Renovations

The Crabs built 3 renovations for their stadium

Roster Changes

In Season 17 the Crabs were subject to two incinerations, one fax, were drained of blood once, nine parties (five of which were Lorcan Smaht), and had two allergies cured.

  • On Day 1 Chorby Soul was incinerated and replaced with Trinity Smaht
  • On Day 2 Luis Acevedo was incinerated and replaced with Jon Halifax
  • On Day 5 Trinity Smaht was cured of their peanut allergy.
  • On Day 22 Jon Halifax was cured of their peanut allergy.
  • On Day 37 Bevan Wise siphoned some of Parker Meng's hitting ability.
  • On Day 77 Parker Parra was replaced by an incoming Fax for Lorcan Smaht
  • On Day 83 Lorcan Smaht partied.
  • On Day 84 Lorcan Smaht partied.
  • On Day 84 Tot Fox partied.
  • On Day 84 Jon Halifax partied.
  • On Day 88 Lorcan Smaht partied.
  • On Day 92 Lorcan Smaht partied.
  • On Day 92 Pedro Davids partied.
  • On Day 93 Parker Meng partied.
  • On Day 99 Lorcan Smaht partied.

Notable Games

In Season 17 some notable games for the Crabs were:

Election Outcomes


Season Overview


The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
The first game of the season was against the Atlantis Georgias under an eclipse. When Chorby Short went to bat they lasted almost until the sixth inning before being incinerated by a rogue umpire, with their instability chaining to Luis Acevedo who had the misfortune of pitching next, in another eclipse game. Acevedo only had a single inning remaining when they were incinerated by rogue umpire.

Their replacements, Trinity Smaht and Jon Halifax quickly took up their places on the team, as a batter and pitcher respectively. This left the Crabs pitching rotation even more wanting, and with Pedro Davids still elsewhere, it was looking to be a long season, despite the batting stars of Fish Summer and Alston Cerveza backing them up.

Greatness breaking a bat out of frustration

Parker Parra had an infamous season of pitching, though notably did pull of a few major upsets, including one against then Mild League leaders the Philly Pies where Parra held them to 6 runs, while the Crabs offence scored 8. Inevitably however, once the Crabs constructed the Fax machine Parra gave up 10 runs in their second home game, and was sent to the Shadows and replaced by newcomer Lorcan Smaht.

The Smahts made a smashing debut on the team - starting off with their immediate teamwork, with Trinity catching outs for Lorcan’s first three batters. Then with Trinity managing to share the third base with visiting ghost Annie Roland, and making the only two runs of the game together. Finally, Lorcan stole the show at the end of the season by partying five times and taking themselves from a solid pitcher to the best pitcher in the Crabs rotation by stars. The Crabs eagerly await the chance to see what the Smahts have in store for them next season. And hope that Halifax can hurry up and let up 10 runs in a home game.


The election was a bittersweet combination of hellos and goodbyes, with Fish Summer being exchanged for an old friend - Montgomery Bullock, with and Parker Meng being sent into the shadows and replaced with Enid Marlow who after many seasons of waiting was finally ready for her shot on the Crabs.

After losing two players to incinerations and being the second team mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, the Crabs were ready to rise up in season 18, but only time could tell where the next season would lead them.