Baltimore Crabs/Season 20

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In Season β20 the Baltimore Crabs finished fifth in the Mild League and tenth in the ILB.

Kennedy Loser began being haunted by ghosts of unknown origins, later revealed to be a part of Blaseball’s prehistory. Jacoby Podcast flickered away for Kaz Fiasco, who gave up 10 runs immediately to let out newly infused Montgomery Bullock while Finn James later faxed out for Axel Campbell. While they missed the postseason, the Crabs did acquire an underhanded item for Adalberto Tosser. In the Election the Crabs reformed Alston Cerveza’s Underachiever modification into Fourth Strike, and swapped Pedro Davids to the shadows and Fiasco into active play.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Stadium Renovations

The Crabs Built 3 renovations.

  • Black Hole + - 8,487,113 Coins Spent
  • Tunnels - 7,777,097 Coins Spent
  • Light Switch - 5,984,579 Coins Spent
    • The Crabs installed a Light Switch in The Crabitat.
    • The Crabitat's Light Switch is now OFF.


A thank you Card from the Crabs for their gifts in season 20.

Crabs received 4 Gifts! - 13,203,907 coins contributed

  • Top Contributors:
  • Underhanded Cap Drop - Wishlist #1
    • Adalberto Tosser gained Underhanded Holey Shoes.
      • + Underhanded Holey Shoes
      • +  Underhanded
      • Overall 16.0 -> 16.0 + 0.5
  • Early to the Party, Team Edition - Wishlist #2
  • Handcrafted Phone Drop - Wishlist #3
  • Soundproof, Team Edition - Wishlist #4
    • The Crabs are safe from feedback for the rest of the season!
      • +  Soundproof

Roster Changes

In Season 20 the Crabs were subject to one flickering Feedback, two faxes, three parties, and drained blood twice.

Notable Games

In Season 20 some notable games for the Crabs were:

Election Outcomes


  • Teamicon crabs.png
    • The Crabs choose to reroll Alston Cerveza's Underachiever mod.
    • Alston Cerveza re-rolled from Underachiever to The Fourth Strike.
      •  Underachiever ->  The Fourth Strike
    • Reform - 41% of all Crabs Will Votes
      This Filing - 39% of Crabs Reform Votes
      Final Odds - 16% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon crabs.png
    Roster Swap
    • The Crabs chose to swap Pedro Davids via a roster swap with Kaz Fiasco.
    • The Crabs swapped two players on their roster.
    • Pedro Davids entered the Shadows.
      • Combined 16.8 17.3
    • Roster Swap - 32% of all Crabs Will Votes
      This Filing - 76% of Crabs Roster Swap Votes
      Final Odds - 24% chance of happening.


  • Teamicon crabs.png
    Stuck in the Freezer blessed the Baltimore Crabs.
    • Adalberto Tosser's Coldness was improved by 40%.
      • Coldness 3.7 5.7
    • The Crabs had 29% of the Votes
      They were the highest bidders.
      2,225,476 votes were cast.
  • Teamicon crabs.png
    Cool Off blessed the Baltimore Crabs.
    • Lorcan Smaht's Coldness was boosted by 20%.
      • Coldness 2.9 3.9
    • Lorcan Smaht's Ruthlessness was impaired by -5%.
      • Ruthlessness 4.1 4.4
    • Montgomery Bullock's Coldness was boosted by 20%.
      • Coldness 7.1 8.1
    • Montgomery Bullock's Ruthlessness was impaired by -5%.
      • Ruthlessness 5.0 5.2
    • Adalberto Tosser's Coldness was boosted by 20%.
      • Coldness 5.7 6.7
    • Adalberto Tosser's Ruthlessness was impaired by -5%.
      • Ruthlessness 4.9 5.2
    • Axel Campbell's Coldness was boosted by 20%.
      • Coldness 4.4 5.4
    • Axel Campbell's Ruthlessness was impaired by -5%.
      • Ruthlessness 5.1 5.3
    • The Crabs had 31% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Fridays with 39%
      526,283 votes were cast.

Season Overview

An Unusual Presence

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
Season 20 started off at a blistering pace after an extended siesta, with the first notable thing being that Kennedy Loser was now being haunted by mysterious ghosts that no one had ever heard of. While some of them could be traced back to the newly revealed Alaskan Immortals, research to most of them left dead ends and blank web pages. While some claimed that Loser was just “making people up” he insisted they were in fact real hauntings.

On the other side of the roster, in Jacoby Podcast’s first feedback game they flickered away to the Philly Pies for Kaz Fiasco, who managed to pitch only a single game from start to finish before faxing into the shadows. This led to Montgomery Bullock pitching for the Crabs for the first time since ascension ten seasons ago, much to the delight of Crabs fans. In the lateseason the Crabs received another surprise Fax as Finn James gave up 10 runs and was replaced by the long awaited Axel Campbell, who had been a part of the Crabs shadows since their very first season of play. They managed to hold on for the duration of the season, with one notable game where they gave up 10 runs, but had Adalberto Tosser use the newly ratified tunnels to steal a single run from the opposing team, keeping Campbell in play.

Meanwhile the effects of Alston Cerveza’s Underachiever modification took its toll as he finished the season with a total of 0 RBI, including a notable Grand un-Slam against famed pitcher Winnie Hess, as well as a positive 3-run home run against Michelle Sportsman, the Underhanded pitcher of the LA Unlimited Tacos. Not to be outdone, the Crabs were one of many teams to pick up an Underhanded Cap from the Gift Shop, and gave it to team MVP Tosser, who was notorious for giving up Home Runs at inopportune times.

The Crabs were one of 4 teams not to be included in either postseason bracket, and were happy to take the time to relax with the Firefighters, Tigers, and Millennials over the postseason.


The Crabs managed a fairly uneventful election, voting to reform Alston Cerveza’s Underachiever modification into Fourth Strike, and swapping Pedro Davids and Kaz Fiasco to set up Pedro to be improved over the next election.

In terms of blessings the Crabs managed to acquire two blessings designed to improve a pitchers Coldness, which is a stat that has not been strongly associated with any performance outcomes. Adalberto Tosser notably nearly doubled his coldness, resulting in many fans commenting that “we should probably get him a jacket or something”.

On other parts of the league Silvaire Roadhouse now playing for the Boston Flowers acquired a Debt that would spread instability across the league, leading many to dread the coming season. But on the plus side the Crabs were well positioned to make the postseason again, and fans were excited to see just how far the team could go.