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The Crabs have a reputation as a hardy bunch. Crabs fans are often seen cheering for draws into extra time. Some suggest they believe this will accelerate the Great Crab Reckoning while others have suggested they merely appreciate a few extra innings. New fans of the Crabs are sometimes referred to as "crablet" or "softshell". Crabs fans refer to players of their team who don't pan out as "Bustaceans". The Crabs fans, though tough and "snip-throat" in competition, are among the most supportive and inclusive teams in the league.


Fans of the Baltimore Crabs are known for running commentary and cheering loudly for their players, and use a breadth of different chants for each one.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of cheers used for the team, players, and former players by fans of the Baltimore Crabs.


  • Claws up!
  • Claws up for Trans Rights!
  • Let's go Crabs baby love da Crabs
  • Call: Old!
    • Response: Bay!
  • "Ain't no laws when you have claws" and its popular variant, "Claw's the law"
  • ACRAB (All Crabs Really Are Beautiful)
  • Do it for Combs!
  • Same as it ever was
    • Shame as it ever was
  • A Tilly Triple!
  • Time for Crab!
  • CRIME! (When a base is stolen)
  • Crabs Bad! / Crabs Good! (Chanted in equal measures when the Crabs are under- and over-performing, respectively.)
  • Same as it ever was (Said whether winning or losing, due to the quantum superposition of Crabs Good / Crabs Bad.)
    • Shame as it ever was (variation on the former, for games ended in Shame.)
  • The Baltimore Crabs Will Live Forever! (When the team is Unstable, with a tinge of panic)

Current Players

Player Cheer
Kennedy Loser That's our dad! / LOOOOOOOSER / Loser's Our Winner!
Silvaire Roadhouse Home Gun / Kilvaire (with her Debt modifier)
Alston Cerveza Beer Run / 馃嵒
Pedro Davids Carry us home / Vote for Pedro / King Davis / Pedro my prince / Carry the team / MVPedro
Lorcan Smaht Lorcan Smaht is Partying!/Smaht Move
Zeruel Kramer Arm of god, lightning rod
Finn James Finn James Wins Games / Finn James Finns Games
Kaz Fiasco KRABZ FIASCO!!!! / What a Fiasco! / Thanks Kaz. (With subtractor)/ Dude. (with subtractor)
Squid Galvanic Don't worry about it / Galvanized!

Former Players

Player Cheer
Sutton Dreamy She's so Dreamy / Dream on / Keep the Dream Alive!
Oliver Notarobot Ollie Ollie Ollie! Snip Snip Snip!
Parker Parra Knock it out of the Parker / Poggers Parra
Luis Acevedo Hard light, future sight, let them walk to first tonight
Holden Stanton Holden Please! / Hold'em
Brock Forbes Brock Our Rock / BROCK FREAKING FORBES (of the Yellowstone Magic)
Jacoby Podcast Rate and Review / Pause them Podcast / plug your Patreon/ Play that closing theme
Forrest Best Best is best / Run Forrest Run
York Silk York Our Dork!
Alyssa Harrell HARREL CHECK
Nagomi McDaniel NA GO MI
Montgomery Bullock LET'S GO MOCO / MOCO????
Tot Fox Too Tot to trot / too hot too Tot / Sun killer Tot
Trinity Smaht GAMETIME! / Smaht Move
Conner Haley 鈽勶笍
Fran Beans hyf!dttwtb!wtgalp!tyffdgaob

(Hell yeah Fran!! Do the thing with the baseball!! Win the game a lot please!!! Thank you Fran for doing good and or bad!!!)

Adalberto Tosser Toss 'em Tosser / te amo Adalberto

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