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Lou Roseheart was a lineup player for the Chicago Firefighters, and was with the team from Season β1 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Roseheart joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Chicago Firefighters with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β5 election Roseheart's defense rating increased by as a result of the Katamari blessing.

During the Coffee Cup, Roseheart played for FWXBC as a pitcher.

During the Season β13 elections, Roseheart received a combined stat change of 12 16.6 as a result of the Firefighters' Infuse will.

During the Season β15 election, Roseheart became a pitcher via the Firefighters' Move will. Roseheart's Triple Threat modification was also changed to the High Pressure modification by the Firefighters' Reform will.

On Season β20, Day 23, Roseheart became a lineup player due to Reverb.

On Season β22, Day 79, Roseheart was swept  Elsewhere... and gained the Negative modification as a result of Wanda Schenn's Undertaker modification.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


The youngest of the legendary Roseheart family of athletes, Loucinde "Lou" Roseheart was born to Barnabas and Handlebar Roseheart in 1882 before stealing a temporal rift as a child and landing in the modern day Firehouse.

After a brief stint where she followed in her parents' footsteps as a pro wrestling tag team (alongside her partner, her own corporeal shadow), she joined the Chicago Firefighters when she leapt from the stands onto the field to catch a fly ball. Roseheart stated in her post-game interview that she was asked by a “freaky disembodied voice” (later identified as Mx. Chicago) whether she wished to join the team. She “accepted, duh,” after which then-coach Henshley Fingerlicks took the opportunity to sign her to the team in order to count the play as an out for the Firefighters. She has been stealing hearts ever since, both figuratively and literally, from Paulina Meat Market on Lincoln Avenue.

She carved her own bat from a mockernut hickory tree that fell in her backyard during The Great Storm. In the off-season she bakes bread and tends to her vegetable garden in Lincoln Square.

Like all of us, she is from Chicago. Her jersey number is 630.


  • The entire plot of the game Persona 5 is loosely based on Lou Roseheart's actions on December 17th, 2012
  • Roseheart and fellow-batter-turned-pitcher Rivers Rosa were often known as "the twin roses of Chicago” for their impeccable on-field dynamic.
  • Roseheart’s shadow gives her the rare ability to dismount a counterweight forklift without assistance.

Fan Works


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