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Blaserunning is a player Modification first seen in the Season β10 Election that causes a player to earn 0.2 runs when stealing a base.


Players with Blaserunning will score 0.2 runs whenever they steal a base.


Blaserunning was first seen in the Season 10 Election as a result of the An Actual Airplane Blessing. It was awarded to Thomas Dracaena of the New York Millennials, who did not steal a base until Season 11, Day 47 to create the first fractional score in blaseball.

Dracaena lost the modification with the overhaul of the Items system in Season β15, and no other players in the Discipline or Expansion Eras have received a permanent version of this modification. Blaserunning resurfaced in the form of randomly-generated items, with the first such item (Shoes of Blaserunning) given to Marquez Clark in Glitter Weather on Season β16, Day 76.


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