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Gravity is a Player Modification first seen in the Season β6 Elections.


A player under the effect of Gravity cannot be affected by Reverb. When a player with Gravity is targeted by reverb, they will not change positions, with the message "[PLAYER]'s Gravity kept them in place!" being displayed instead.


Season 6

Gravity was introduced by the Gravity Boots Blessing during the Season β6 Elections. The Gravity Boots Blessing was won by the Breckenridge Jazz Hands, resulting in Steph Weeks gaining the Gravity Boots Armor.

The first recorded activation of Gravity took place on Season β13, Day 64, when the Breckenridge Jazz Hands were affected by Reverb. Steph Weeks was kept in place due to the Gravity Boots.

Season 15

With the Season β15 Elections, the implementation of Items changed, with player pages gaining a new Items tab and all active-non-Shadowed players receiving a Bat as a result of the Bats decree. Gravity would become one of many modifications that new Items could be generated with.


  • Despite receiving the Gravity Boots Armor in the Season β6 Elections, the Gravity modification did not appear on Steph Weeks' player page until after the Season β7 Elections.
  • Although Gravity prevents players from being moved about their team's Roster in Reverb weather, it does not stop players from gaining Reverberating via an Echo Chamber, nor does it prevent a player from activating Reverberating.

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