Bird Seed

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Bird Seed is a Team Modification, granted to the New York Millennials during the Season β10 Elections as part of the Bird Seed Blessing. It is also a Player Modification which can be conferred through Items.


Since Season β7,  SHELLED players have a chance of pecked free and returning to normal play in Birds weather. Players on a team with the Bird Seed Modification have an increased likelihood of being Deshelled, and Players with an Item-based version of the Bird Seed Modification presumably experience the same.

Due to limited sample sizes (three bird-related[1] deshellings[2] before the introduction of Bird Seed, and thirteen after) many aspects about this modification remain unknown:

  • If  SHELLED players on teams playing against a team with Bird Seed will have improved chances of being pecked free in Birds weather
  • If  SHELLED players on the same team as a player with Bird Seed will have improved chances of being pecked free in Birds weather
    • If the single player with Bird Seed is a pitcher (e.g. Shirai McElroy), whether the odds of being pecked free for other players change between when the pitcher in question is pitching or not
  • If the in-game message "The Birds circle ... but they don't find what they're looking for." occurs more often in Birds weather with teams/players who have Bird Seed[3]


The New York Millennials and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Ineffectual Blessing

In the Season β10 Elections, the New York Millennials received the Bird Seed modification as a result of winning the Bird Seed blessing. They won this with 20% of the vote, compared to the 21% vote share of highest bidders the Unlimited Tacos.

In their fourteen-season history of possessing the Modification, the New York Millennials have never had a  SHELLED player on their team. Across twenty-six regular season series against teams with a  SHELLED player[4], the Millennials have never participated in a game where a player on an opposing team was deshelled.[5]

Shirai McElroy and the Unholy Confluence of Hitherto-Unseen Item Modifications

Bird Seed remained a exclusive, if worthless, Modification for the New York Millennials until Season β24, Day 37. On this day, a Prize Match in Glitter weather took place between the Core Mechanics and the Boston Flowers.

Shirai McElroy (a Mechanics pitcher who was not pitching at the time) gained the contents of a shimmering crate at the start of Mechanics' first inning - the Crow-Cursed Helmet of Bird Seed. This marks the only time, to date, that the Bird Seed Modification has generated on an Item[6].

As McElroy was neither  SHELLED nor a lineup player for the remainder of the Expansion Era, Curse of Crows had no noticable effect on them in the two further games they enjoyed in Birds weather before the Nullification of Blaseball - on days 66[7] and 86.

  1. not included in this number are PolkaDot Patterson's Season β9 deshelling by the Monitor, and players joining THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS.
  2. Jessica Telephone, Season β7, Day 63; Sexton Wheerer, Season β8, Day 47; and Nagomi McDaniel, Season β9, Day 103.
  3. Initial statistical inquiry by this historian says "no", though further investigation would be appreciated.
  4. and one four-game postgame series in Season β23 against the Canada Moist Talkers with a  SHELLED Lucien Patchwork
  5. This includes two games where the Millennials played in Birds weather, against a team with  SHELLED players: both times, against the Seattle Garages. Firstly on Season β16, Day 50 with a  SHELLED Wyatt Mason X, then Season β18, Day 52 with Quack Enjoyable.
  6. This also marked the only time, to date, that the Crow-Cursed element (conferring the Curse of Crows Modification) had generated on an Item.
  7. Where the birds did circle a potentially-notable five times, which could be attributed to the effects of Bird Seed.