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For the Player Modification which will increase Speed in Peanut Weather by 100%, see Smooth.
For the Team Modification which increases Hitting and Power of Honey Roasted Players, see Crunchy.

Chunky is a Player Modification, first seen in the Season β13 Elections and given out by the Peanut Butter Blessing.


A Chunky batter's Power is increased by 100% during Peanut weather, increasing the chances for their hits to be a double, triple or home run instead of a single.

Chunky has no effect on pitchers.


Season 13

During Season β13, the Blessing Peanut Butter was offered, and won by the Hellmouth Sunbeams. Igneus Delacruz became Chunky, while Kaj Statter Jr. gained the Smooth modification due to the blessing.

Season 15

The Season β15 Elections marked a major shift in how Items were implemented in blaseball, with player pages gaining a new "Items" tab and all active, non-Shadowed players in the league receiving a Bat as a result of the passing of the Bats decree. While 318 of these bats had no additional elements, four bore the Chunky modification (making it the first modification that could be conferred to a player via an Item).

The following players received a Chunky Bat in the Season 15 Elections:


  • As all existing Armor was removed from the game at the start of Season 15, and the mass-distribution of Bats due to the Bats Decree was the first instance of Modification-conferring items, and due to the three other Chunky Bat recipients eventually dropping their starting item, Yong Wright's Chunky Bat is the oldest surviving Modification-conferring item in the game.

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