Night Vision

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Night Vision is an Item Modification first seen in the Season β23 Gift Shop.


Night Vision gives a player a 50% boost while in Solar Eclipse Weather. Notably, this effect does not work in Supernova Eclipse, despite its first appearance shortly before Season β24.[1]


Night Vision as a Modification specifically was first seen as a result of the Night Vision Sunglasses Drop in the Season β23 Gift Shop during Latesiesta. In total, only 2 Night Vision Sunglasses were granted this way.

Despite only first appearing as a Modification during the late Expansion Era, Night Vision's effect of a 50% boost during Solar Eclipse is actually much older. During the Season 6 Election, the Night Vision Goggles Blessing was offered and went to Sutton Dreamy of the Baltimore Crabs. This Blessing appeared as a pre-rework Item, did not have a Modification signifying its effect, and only affected hitting.

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