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Reverberating is a Player Modification, first seen on Season β5, Day 45.


Reverberating players have a chance of batting again immediately after their at-bat ends, as if they had "jumped the queue" in their team's lineup. If their previous at-bat ended in a hit, this can end with a player being simultaneously on base and batting.


Reverb Weather

Reverberating was on of the earliest player Modifications seen in-game, and the earliest granted via a Weather event. Don Mitchell began Reverberating on Season β5, Day 45, in a game with Reverb weather with the message:

Reverberations are at dangerous levels! Don Mitchell is now Reverberating wildly!

The following players also gained Reverberating via Reverb weather:

Player Date
Baby Triumphant Season β12, Day 26
Kennedy Loser Season β13, Day 89
Gita Sparrow Season β15, Day 5

Mitchell demonstrated the effects of Reverberating on Day 48, ending the Lovers' third inning with a groundout, then leading the fourth inning with another ground out.

Echo Chambers

The Season 15 Latesiesta saw four teams (the Breath Mints, Firefighters, Mechanics and Sunbeams) construct an Echo Chamber in their ballparks, a newly-offered Renovation (also built by the Lift in Season 18). Echo Chambers were able to "trap waves", and give a random player on either team's lineup Reverberating or Repeating for the game's duration. Patel Beyonce was the first to gain Reverberating in this way, on Season 15, Day 97 in The Meadow. Beyonce promptly hit a ground out, ending the Steaks' seventh inning, then had another at-bat at the start of the Steaks' eighth.

A full list of Echo Chamber activations can be found on this page.

Short Circuits

The Gamma 4 Short Circuit re-introduced Prize Matches, awarding Items with new Elements. One such novel element was Bass, which when applied to an item would give its wielder the Reverberating modification.


  • Reverberating players (particularly ones that are actually good at blaseball) are a catalyst for unusual game states, such as on Season 13, Day 9 when Don Mitchell:
    • Drew a walk, stepped up to bat again while on first, then was swept off first base and sent Elsewhere via Flooding
    • Drew another walk while technically Elsewhere
    • Tried to step up to bat a third time, failed due to being Elsewhere
    • Stole second during Kichiro Guerra's at-bat, then stole third and home during Helga Moreno's at-bat, scoring a run while, again, technically Elsewhere
  • Reverberating players who are less good at blaseball (or, due to Haunted, are Inhabited by a cavalcade of ghosts sorely lacking in batting stars), on the other hand, are a source of amusement and/or frustration for Fans with their repeated plate appearances, on several occasions single-handedly supplying all the Outs for a team's inning.
  • While Gravity stops players from being shuffled in their roster by Reverb, it does not stop a player from activating Reverberating (or from gaining the modification via Echo Chamber).
  • Three deceased players gained Reverberating via Echo Chamber while Inhabiting Kennedy Loser: Sutton Bishop on Season 17, Day 58; Hobbs Cain on Season 17, Day 61; and Eduardo Ingram, Season 18, Day 51. Bishop kept the modification from then until being Returned to play for the ILB Semi-Centennial game, meaning Cain and Ingram are also likely to retain the modification in perpetuity until such a time as they may be resurrected.

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