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Fire Protector is a Player Modification, first seen after the Season β7 Elections as a result of the The Iffey Jr. blessing.


Players with the Fire Protector modification will protect their teammates from incineration.

If the incineration attempt only targets a specific player, Fire Protector will prevent the incineration with the message, "Rogue Umpire tried to incinerate X, but they're Fireproof! The Umpire was incinerated instead!".

Fire Protector does not protect the player with the modification from incineration.

If the incineration attempt targets an entire team, the Fire Protector will be incinerated, while all Players that were on the Team will join the replacement team with the message, "X was a Fire Protector! X protected their teammates!".


While the Fire Protector modification was first seen by Fans during the Season 7 election, it was later revealed that a Player in Pre-History had the modification.

Raúl Leal

During the Season β7 election, the Miami Dale won the The Iffey Jr. blessing. Dale hitter Raúl Leal was given the Iffey Jr. item, reducing all of their Player Attributes to zero, and granting them the Fire Protector modification.

On Season 8, Day 94, Fire Protector was seen for the first time after a Rogue Umpire attempted to incinerated Leal's teammate Beck Whitney, to which the incineration was stopped and the Umpire was incinerated instead.

Rogue Umpire tried to incinerate Dale hitter Beck Whitney, but they're Fireproof! The Umpire was incinerated instead!

Leal would go on to save another teammate, Don Elliott, during the Season β9 election, where the Dale attempted to win all three blessings that would incinerate players in the hopes to save other players from incineration. The Dale only received the New Kid blessing, which resulted in the following text:

Rogue Umpire tried to incinerate Dale's least Idolized player, Don Elliott, but they're protected by Raúl Leal!

On Season 13, Day 43, Leal was incinerated by a Rogue Umpire, showing that Fire Protector can save the modification owner's teammates, but not themselves.

After Leal's incineration, it was announced by Parker MacMillan IIIII on Twitter that the Iffey Jr. would be Preserved.[1]

Agan Espinoza

On approximately Season 21, Day 28, a new book was revealed in the Library called A Save, which detailed the story of Agan Espinoza, a player from Pre-History that played for the Canada Artists when the Team was incinerated on Season D, Day 3.

Espinoza had the Fire Protector modification from an unknown source, and when the Team was incinerated, Espinoza was the only player incinerated, with the other players on the Artists transferring to the Topeka Moist Talkers.

Top of 1. Canada Artists batting.
Slosh Eckhardt batting for the Artists.
A Rogue Umpire Incinerated the Canada Artists!
Agan Espinoza was a Fire Protector! Agan Espinoza protected their teammates!

Espinoza was given the Ego+ modification at the end of Season β23's regular season play, resulting in Espinoza also gaining the Returned modification as they were drafted to play for the Rising Stars during the ILB Semi-Centennial, returning to active play in Season β24. Espinoza's Fire Protector did not activate again.

Jode Crutch

During the Season β23 election, the Iffey Jr. was once again available as the blessing Season 7: The Iffey Jr..

The Miami Dale received the Iffey Jr. a second time, with the item being granted to hitter Jode Crutch, who like Leal, had their Player Attributes reduced to zero, and was granted the Fire Protector and Minimized modifications.

Crutch's Fire Protector did not activate.


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