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Returned is a player Modification that is gained when a player exits the Hall of Flame which gives them a chance to be returned at the end of every season.


The Returned modification has a chance of returning a player to the Hall of Flame at the end of each season.

If the modification does not activate, a message will appear that they were "allowed to stay".

If the modification activates the player is returned to the Hall of Flame and marked as Deceased. The only time this has occurred the replacements were called from the team's Shadows rather than being a newly hatched egg as is typical of incineration replacements. It is unknown if this is the intended behavior, as it coincides with both teams losing a player in the Shadows and began the Investigation.

Returned can be applied in a number of circumstances; When a player is revived through a Blessing, Will, or interference of an outside entity. (See History for details). Notably a player that Roams out of the Hall of Flame does not gain the Returned modification.


Returned was first seen in the Season β6 Election with the necromancy of Jaylen Hotdogfingers when the Lottery Pick Blessing retrieved them from the Hall of Flame. This resulted in them gaining both the Returned and Debt modification.

In the Season β9 Election Returned was seen again in the Discipline Era when Tillman Henderson swapped from their place in the Hall of Flame onto the active roster of the Charleston Shoe Thieves due to the Microphone. While they gained the Returned modification they did not gain the Debt modification.

In the Season β13 Election Returned was seen when Sutton Picklestein was revived through a Will and returned through active play. However their Returned modification immediately activated and both they and Tillman Henderson returned to the Hall of Flame and were replaced by players from their team's Shadows. Both Picklestein and Henderson lost the Returned modification when they returned to the Hall of Flame.

In the Season β15 Election both Chorby Soul and York Silk were Returned with Debt after being revived through the Plunder Will.

In the ILB Semi-Centennial when all players with the Ego modification were added to the Rising Stars team they gained the Returned modification as they exited the Hall of Flame. This effected the following players:

In the Season β23 Election Niq Nyong'o was revived through the Season 14 Lottery Pick Blessing and gained the Returned modification as well as the Debt Modification.