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Ego is a series of upgrading modifications that eventually causes a player to become Legendary.


Players with the Ego modification have a chance of staying on base when swept away by Flooding weather.

The modifier itself also gave the player a noticeable increase in eDensity.

Additionally, any player with the Ego Modification was added to the Rising Stars team during the ILB Semi-Centennial.


Ego was first seen in Season β13, and was awarded as to the players above the yellow line on the Idol Board as a part of being named an "MVP". In subsequent seasons a player who already had and Ego modification and was made MVP again would instead have their Ego upgraded to the next level. Upon reaching Ego++++ the next time the player was made an MVP they would instead become Legendary.

In total there are four levels of Ego that were awarded.


The Ego+ modification was given to the following players:

Season Player
13 Pitching Machine
13 Jessica Telephone
13 Sutton Picklestein
13 Peanut Bong
13 Goodwin Morin
13 Comfort Glover
13 Sexton Wheeler
13 Aldon Cashmoney
13 Nagomi Mcdaniel
13 York Silk
14 Liquid Friend
14 Uncle Plasma
14 Valentine Games
15 Chorby Soul
16 Jaxon Buckley
16 Hewitt Best
16 Tot Fox
17 Baby Doyle
17 James Mora
18 Nicholas Mora
18 Tillman Henderson
18 Rat Polk
18 Mcdowell Sasquatch
19 Paula Turnip
20 Gerund Pantheocide
20 Jaylen Hotdogfingers
20 Don Mitchell
20 Commissioner Vapor
20 Adalberto Tosser
20 Hatfield Suzuki
20 Nagomi Nava
20 Beck Whitney
22 Tiana Wheeler
22 Caleb Novak
22 Collins Melon
22 Castillo Turner
23 Vessalius Sundae
23 Sutton Bishop
23 Gunther O'Brian
23 Dunlap Figueroa
23 Agan Espinoza
23 Winnie Hess


The Ego+ modification was upgraded to Ego++ for the following players:

Season Player
14 Pitching Machine
14 Sexton Wheeler
14 Goodwin Morin
14 Nagomi Mcdaniel
14 York Silk
14 Aldon Cashmoney
16 Jessica Telephone
16 Valentine Games
18 James Mora
19 Comfort Glover
20 Mcdowell Sasquatch
20 Paula Turnip
21 Don Mitchell
22 Jaxon Buckley
22 Beck Whitney
23 Nagomi Nava
23 Don Mitchell
23 Castillo Turner
23 Collins Melon


The Ego++ modification was upgraded to Ego+++ for the following players:

Season Player
15 York Silk
15 Nagomi Mcdaniel
16 Pitching Machine
16 Goodwin Morin
16 Aldon Cashmoney
17 Valentine Games
19 James Mora
20 Jessica Telephone
20 Comfort Glover
21 Paula Turnip
22 Don Mitchell
23 Jaxon Buckley
23 Beck Whitney


The Ego+++ modification was upgraded to Ego++++ for the following players:

Season Player
16 Nagomi Mcdaniel
16 York Silk
17 Pitching Machine
17 Goodwin Morin
17 Aldon Cashmoney
18 Valentine Games
20 James Mora
21 Comfort Glover
22 Paula Turnip
23 Jessica Telephone