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Spicy is a Player Modification that causes them to become Red Hot after three consecutive hits, greatly improving their batting until their next out.


Spicy is a player modification that greatly improves a batter's performance if they get three consecutive hits. After two consecutive hits they will gain the Heating Up Modification and with the third they will gain the Red Hot modification.

While a player is Red Hot their batting performance is "greatly improved" though it is unknown exactly what level of improvement that provides. A player stops being Red Hot if they hit a fly out or a ground out, though not if they are stuck out by the pitcher.


Spicy was first referenced on the site in the Season β6 Election as a part of the an unpassed Hot Sauce Decree that would have made one player on each team Spicy. Spicy then returned in the Season β7 Election from the Hot Sauce Packet Blessing. This was won by the New York Millennials and Sandie Turner became the first Spicy player.

In the Season β9 Election Spicy returned with the Hot Sauce Bar blessing. The Blessing was won by the Seattle Garages and caused a player on each team in the Mild High Division to gain the Spicy Modification. This was distributed to:

In the Season β19 Elections, Stu Trololol's Flinch modification was changed into the Spicy modification by the Shoe Thieves' Reform will.

The Season 19 Elections also saw the first Items able to grant the Spicy modification, with two items from the Hawai'i Fridays' Shadow Sunglasses Supply Run blessing carrying the modification. Other than the Spicy Sunglasses given to Nicholas Nolan and Cory Novak, the only other Spicy Item seen in-game was a Spicy Glove, picked up by Plums Blather in Glitter weather.


  • The longest streak of a player being Red Hot was in Season 14 when Sandie Turner was Red Hot for 21 games between Day 72 and Day 93.