Slow Build

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Slow Build is a Player and Item Modification, first seen after the Season β18 Elections.


Every time a player with Slow Build steps up to bat (excluding their first plate appearance for a game), their hitting stats are improved by 1%. These stat gains are reset at game's end.

Slow Build has no effect on pitchers.


During the Season β18 Elections, the Canada Moist Talkers gained Slow Build through the Blessing of the same name, giving every player on their lineup at the time the modification.

The following players received Slow Build in the Season 18 Elections:

Slow Build appeared again in the Season β20 elections under the Slow Clap Blessing, which granted a random player on the winning team Slow Build as a Permanent Modification. This was won by the Hawai'i Fridays, and granted to Don Mitchell.

Short Circuits

Slow Build resurfaced as an Item modification in Gamma 4, Season 1, with a number of Prize Match games featuring items with the Slowdance Element. The following Slowdance items have been distributed as part of the Short Circuit:

Item name Winning Team Receiving Player Date
Slowdance Glove Hades Tigers Calvin Clown Season 1, Day 16
Slowdance Cap Mexico City Wild Wings Lillian McKinley Season 1, Day 28
Slowdance Sunglasses of Good Vibes Boston Flowers Frida Giles Season 1, Day 32