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Parasite is a Modification that allows pitchers to drain stars from players when striking them out in Blooddrain weather.


Parasite is a modification that triggers a minor attribute drain when a pitcher strikes out a batter in Blooddrain. Unlike standard blooddrain events, this attribute change targets of of the batter's attributes rather than a star category, and gives those points to the pitcher. For example; rather than the batter losing some of their batting stars, they lose some of their Moxie, and that is given to the pitcher.

Parasite blooddrains drain between 0.1 and 0.2 of an attribute, which is often not noticeable enough to change a players star rating.


Parasite was first seen in the Season β15 Election as a result of the Alternate will, where players who were alternated returned with the permanent Parasite modifier. The following players gained the modification this way:

Parasite was also seen on items throughout the Expansion Era through either Glitter weather, Prize Matches, the Community Chest opening, or items from the Gift Shop.

The first activation of Parasite was from Tiana Takahashi of the Philly Pies, who gained the modification from their Parasitic Jersey.

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