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Pro Skater is a modification introduced in the Season β16 Election that allows a player using the Grind Rail modification to never fail a trick.


Pro Skater is a modification that interacts with a Ballpark's Grind Rail renovation, allowing players to always succeed when attempting a trick. In addition the phrase "Pro Skater" is added as a title while performing tricks.

For more on Skateboard Tricks, see the article on the Grind Rail.


Pro Skater was introduced with the Skateboard Blessing in the Season β16 Election, where it was the fourth most contested blessing only falling behind the three Blood Type blessings. The Skate Board was a Board item with the Pro Skater modification, and given to Alyssa Harrell. Since then Pro Skater items have been seen from Glitter Weather, Gift Shop items, and the Community Chest.

The Skateboard Blessing returned in Season 23, and once again granted a Skate Board to the winner, this time Holden Stanton.

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