Tiana Cash

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Tiana Cash was a lineup player for the Seattle Garages, and was with the team from Season β3, Day 4 until being incinerated on Season β3, Day 47.

Official League Records

Cash joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Seattle Garages on Season β3, Day 4 after the incineration of Bennett Browning.

Early in Season β3, Cash's batting increased from 3.5 4.0 . It is unclear why this increase took place.

With the addition of Cash to the team, the Seattle Garages rose through the ranks to become second in the Chaotic Evil League by Day 46.

On Season β3, Day 47, Cash was incinerated and replaced by Greer Gwiffin.

Personal Life

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Tiana Cash was also a timpani player in the Seattle Garages Raven Funeral.

Cash was instated as part of the batting lineup mere seconds after Browning's incineration, after she sprang as a phoenix fully formed from his ashes. One fan who witnessed the event said "That's not, like, a metaphor, that is, like, uhh—a phoenix."

In an interview within minutes of being recruited, Cash stated that Browning "left some literally very large shoes to fill, but I'm excited for this opportunity to lead the Garages to victory."

Cash's connection to Browning is unclear, as Browning died as he lived: an eternal mystery.

The loss of Cash was felt by the entire team and their incredibly supportive fanbase, but none were hurt more than Arturo Huerta, who let in 8 runs in a losing effort against the Houston Spies on the very next day.

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