Norris Firestar

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Norris Firestar was a lineup player for the Houston Spies, and was with the team from Season β13, Day 77 until being incinerated on Season β13, Day 99.

Official League Records

Firestar joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Houston Spies on Season β13, Day 77 after the incineration of Theodore Holloway.

On Season β13, Day 99, Firestar was incinerated and replaced by Yrjö Kerfuffle.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Personal Life

History of Entertainment

Norris Firestar’s career did not begin with Blaseball. Being a shapeshifting mix of cat, pigeon, and phoenix, Norris made his name in the entertainment industry with other shapeshifting bird creatures. Their height and aloof demeanour meant a majority of their lead roles were intimidating rough-and-tumble figures, though this could not be further from the truth. They were always nervous about being misinterpreted, even seeming bashful when signing autographs for figures they admired.

More documents regarding Firestar’s history were revealed after their death. Even a number of sponsors have sent Firestar their regards, including the aviary and underwear store, The Plelican Briefs. Their filmography resulted in widespread recognition across everywhere that wasn’t the League. Apparently Firestar’s later roles were in films about Blaseball, though no correlation has been found. After the Agency confiscated these aforementioned Films for safekeeping, no correlation can be found. Some titles have since made their way to the surface.

Summoned to the Spies

As Norris’ time in the Spies was so brief (it was the contract, you see), records about his history as a Blaseball player are either scattered or entirely missing. According to their fans, being summoned to play Blaseball was a last-minute decision made by his agent, an individual the Agency mistook for one of their own. Substituting official League records are TV, Film, and entertainment magazines celebrating Firestar’s appearances in action and spy blockbusters- none of which contain any real spying. Firestar made a number of headlines with leading roles; even his soft appearance made way for a line of marketable Norris Firestar plushies.

During play, Norris Firestar was a beacon of mediocrity. It’s likely that his new role was too sudden: there was no time to get into the headspace of a ‘real Blaseball player’, he didn’t want to support a host of new fans, and the fact he was risen from a pile of ash was of particular concern to the Houston Spies. As a replacement for Teddy Holloway, his playstyle didn’t meet many expectations. He was eventually happy to “just have fun with the game”. Sharing the spotlight with other agents was a welcome experience with those he got along with.

Twenty two days after Firestar was called to the field, he died as quickly as he appeared. But not really.

Long-time close friend Yrjö Kerfuffle was called up to bat after Norris was incinerated. After ey fished through the pile of ash that fans thought was once Norris, ey retrieved a marvellously hefty cross between a kitten and a baby pigeon. Firestar’s nature of being phoenix (or phoenix-adjacent, reports differ) only went so far in protecting them. A part of Firestar could very well be roaming the Hall. The current iteration of Norris is aware enough of his situation and is being kept safe until he can be restored as his former self. Yrjö claimed that Norris has declined to comment further.

Friendship Amongst Agents

Birds of a feather, as Norris would say, flock together. In some areas, the origin of the quote is ascribed to both Norris and Yrjö. Their companionship was remarkably strong before Norris was called to replace Teddy. Without Yrjö, Firestar was largely alone when many team members distanced themselves from him. A few- namely Donia Bailey, whose words the Agency heard from the Shadows- responded with vitriol at the loss of a friend. Perhaps he was glad that his career lasted 22 days.

Fan Works