Pannonica Oko

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Pannonica Oko was a player in the Shadows for the LA Unlimited Tacos, and was with the team from Season β22, Day 9 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Oko joined the ILB as a lineup player for the LA Unlimited Tacos on Season β22, Day 9 after the incineration of Goobie Ballson.

On Season β22, Day 24, Oko retreated to the Tacos' Shadows in exchange for Son Jensen at Al Pastor Memorial Park via the Ratified Voicemail.

Over the course of Season β23, Oko entered and exited the Tacos' Shadows four times as a result of Al Pastor Memorial Park Voicemail events, ending the Season in the Shadows.

Fae Creature

Between the trees in the dark, sifting amongst the heavy fog, a shadow emerges. It takes long strides, stepping over fallen branches and dead undergrowth with the lightest of sounds. It stands nearly nine feet tall, its silhouette vaguely elk-like, with cloven feet and a long, snake-like tail that fans the clouding fog away. Twinkling wires hang between bark-like antlers, somehow playing an eerie, yet gentle song. In the faint, faint light emitting from the Wlaffle House of Elsewhere, two forward-facing luminescent eyes flutter their lashes mockingly. And then she is standing in the ashes of death, the ground still simmering beneath her, bright sunlight filtering down and revealing a smile full of shark teeth and a silver tongue. She struts to the batter's box. 5 runs scored.

-Excerpt from the 22nd iteration Los Angeli Prime Times

Oko, The Name Thief

Pannonica Oko has been around for a very long time. She walks confidently between the spaces in the universe that others shy from. She speaks, vaguely, about the wonders beyond normal human comprehension. Rumors of her circulate and then disperse like smoke, leaving behind only the faintest awareness that anything was rumored at all. What one can say most assuredly is that Oko is a batter for the LA Unlimited Tacos, but how exactly that came about, and how binding it is for someone like her, is still unknown.

Perhaps kind, once, she now portrays the most devious of traits of fae-kind. Manipulative, cold, prideful. She collects music, heartbreak, instances of perfect creations, compliments, and rumors about her like little snacks. Some say she plucks them out of the very place they are made and- oh. There that one goes. Gone, like all the rest.

She writes and recites poetry just to burn it, plays jazz not only for her enjoyment but because she knows it leaves people confused, dresses in flowing robes made of otherworldly material, and decorates herself with beads and jewels from places that no longer exist. Perhaps most importantly, and perhaps most deviously, is her desire for names.

Names are a form of power to the fae. So it is only fitting that she, the oldest, the wisest (most assuredly), and the most beautiful of all fae creatures, should indulge herself in the treat that many take for granted. It is her greatest skill, a closely guarded secret, one she uses on the many poor souls who enter Elsewhere expecting only waffles.

She has many tricks for name stealing, though what those tricks are, exactly, is hard to share without- oh. There goes another one.

Oko is also known for ████ and ███████. She-



It appears Oko has found her wiki page.

Thefts, Both Known and Unknown:

Shortly after her arrival to the league, Basilio Fig returned from Elsewhere with their name fully scattered. While their name has returned since it is believed that Oko still holds some influence over them. Or perhaps that is simply what she wants everyone to believe.

█████ apparently has some sort of deal with Oko, which might have led to her arrival in the league.

Goobie Ballson’s connection to Oko, other than his death leading to 5 runs scored, is also debated. Did he know her? Did she know him, and of his death, and chose to come to this plane, for reasons still unknown?

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