Cedric Gonzalez

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Cedric Gonzalez was a lineup player in the Shadows for the Hades Tigers, and was with the team from Season β19, Day 42 until Fall Ball. Gonzalez has previously played for the Philly Pies.

Official League Record

Gonzalez joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Philly Pies with the Return of Blaseball

On Season β2, Day 93, Gonzalez was incinerated and replaced by Dan Holloway.

On Season β19, Day 42, Gonzalez entered the Hades Tigers' Shadows as a result of the Tigers' Ambush modification. Ambush activated after the incineration of Carmelo Plums.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Gonzalez was a former glolf player who avoided transbiological conversion after the conflict through a combination of wits, dexterity, and an aunt who worked in the Pies front office. While his years of glolf had honed his reflexes, he suffered from from severe anxiety and paranoia from the pressures of both the sport and avoiding the GEA (Glolf Eradication Authority).

Commemorative Pie

Following Gonzalez's incineration in Season 2, corporate sponsors Tastykake and WaWa collaborated on a commemorative pie to be sold at Pies games. The proposed "Gonzalez Pie" was first marketed as "a traditional yet listless pie crust with a peach and apple filling, topped with a sprinkling of sugar and ash." The pie was first served on the 94th day of Season 2, with all future proceeds going towards the deceased Gonzalez's estate. Despite overwhelming public opinion that the pie "could use a bit more salt," the Gonzalez pie is a popular choice amongst blaseball fans.

On July 15, XXXX, Tastykake executives announced in a news briefing that all Gonzalez pies going forward would be topped with synthetic Gonzalez ashes, as natural Gonzalez ash had become too rare a commodity. "Our synthetic Gonzalez ash is 100% guaranteed to have been procured from a house-incinerated clone of Cedric Gonzalez," the Tastykake Bakemaster General was seen to announce, before swiftly returning to the ether.

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