Season D

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Season D was the third season of Internet League Blaseball and the fourth known season of Blaseball. It ran starting from March 1986, though it is not currently known when it ended. Notable events in this season include the incineration of the Canada Artists on Day 3.


All known events from Season D are only available via The Library in the following volumes:

Notable Events

Incineration of the Canada Artists

In the Season C Election, Parker MacMillan left the Canada Artists, which, due to MacMillan's  Firewalker modification, caused the team to become  Unstable going into the first week of Season D.

On Day 3, the Canada Artists were playing against the Maryland Squirrels under a Solar Eclipse. In the top of the first inning, shortly after Artists batter Slosh Eckhardt stepped up to the plate, a Rogue Umpire incinerated the Artists, increasing Sun 1's pressure to 26.86%. However, unlike in the case of the Immortals the previous season, one of the Artists' players – Agan Espinoza – had the  Fire Protector modification, allowing Espinoza to save their teammates from the incineration. As a result, Espinoza was the only player to be incinerated with the team – the other Artists players instead being transferred over to the Artists' replacement team, the Topeka Moist Talkers. The Moist Talkers went on to lose the game against the Squirrels 3 to 9.

These events were chronicled by Lōotcrates in the Library volume "A Save".[1]

Election Results

Most of the results of Season D's Election are currently unknown, though the following results are mentioned in "An Exile".[2]


  • Teamicon psychics.png
    • The Oregon Psychics Revoked Parker MacMillan.
      • 🧠 - Parker MacMillan, Lineup
    • Parker MacMillan became Super Roamin!
      • +  Super Roamin'
    • Parker MacMillan Super Roamed to the Minneapolis Truckers!
      • 🚚 + Parker MacMillan, Lineup
    • Parker MacMillan left Instability in their wake. The Oregon Psychics became Unstable!
      • +  Unstable
  • Teamicon whales.png
    [Unknown Will]

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