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Gamma 2 (sometimes referred to as Circuit 1) was the first Short Circuit[2] that Fans could participate in, and the second iteration of Gamma viewable on the Blaseball website. It began on November 1, 2021 and concluded on November 14, 2021, when the Microphone shorted out. It was comprised of a two Seasons lasting one week each. This Circuit saw the introduction of a revised site flow, new Betting system, Game view, Schedule view, Usernames, and Badges, as well as various smaller changes. Additionally, it saw the removal of various features and systems including (but not limited to): Idols, Concessions, and Ballparks.


After it began in Season 1, Gamma 2 ran for 2 Seasons.


Gamma 2 was first announced on October 26, 2021.[3]

Known Seasons

Shorting Out

Gamma 2 ended on November 14, 2021, when the Microphone shorted out:


On November 15, 2021, the Microphone's signal was then interrupted:


Notable Changes


A Screenshot of Betting from the first Short Circuit Developer Log.

Numerous alterations were made to the Betting system. Fans could now place bets on Games up to 9 Days in advance and cancel their Bets at any time as long as the Day they were for had not begun yet. Bets no longer required any investment to place and, instead of paying out Coins, directly paid out Votes. However, only one Bet could be placed for any one in-game Day.[note 1] Betting also received a new user interface, allowing Fans to see Record, Batting Rating, total Runs, and a rating of that Game's Pitcher. The new UI also allowed Fans to view the active Bets they had placed in advance and the results of their completed Bets.


Combos were a new type of Bet that allowed a Fan to make predictions on multiple Games within a single Bet. The more Games a Fan made predictions on, the higher the possible Payout would be. However, to receive a Payout all of a Fan's predictions must be correct. For example, if a Fan predicts that the Breath Mints, Lift, and Moist Talkers will all Win their respective Games on Day 88, and any one of them Loses, they will receive no payout. However, if all of them Win, the Fan will receieve a higher Payout than if they had only Bet on one Game.

Champion Bets

Champion Bets were a new type of Bet introduced in Gamma 2, Season 2, that allowed Fans to bet on which Team would Win the Internet Series. The payout for a Champion Bet was based on the odds for that Team Winning, so that the lower chance a Team had to Win the Internet Series the higher the payout would be if they did. Consequently the odds — and therefore payout — of a Team Winning the Internet Series would change throughout the Season based on their performance. However, the payout of a Champion Bet already submitted would stay the same. Champion Bets could be changed at any time before the Postseason began, after which they would lock in.

Champion Bets led to a notable bug during the Gamma 2, Season 2 Postseason, where Fans who made a Champion Bet on the Winning Team, the Seattle Garages, received an exorbitant number of Votes far higher than the stated payout.[4] This was due to an quirk with how Blaseball handled large values stemming from interactions between JavaScript, PostgreSQL, and number types that lead to an issue where instead of a Champion Bet payout being added to a User's vote total, the two were concatenated. This issue only effected the displayed value of votes, and the amount of Votes an effected User had was still accurate in the backend. However, if a User had also made a Game Bet on the Seattle Garages for the final game of the Internet Series, their payout for that Bet was concatenated onto the payout for their Champion Bet in the backend, meaning that these Votes could be applied to an Election.

Expand to view an example of the bug.

Pudge has 200 Votes and made a Champion Bet on the Garages worth 4,000 votes. On top of this, they have placed a Game Bet on the final game of the Internet Series worth 12 votes. The expected result would be that Pudge's Vote total, Game Bet Payout, and Champion Bet Payout, and would be added together:
200 + 12 + 4,000 = 4,212
Instead for the displayed value (the amount of Votes it looks like Pudge has), the Champion Bet Payout is concatenated onto the Vote Total:
200 + 4,000 = 2,004,000
Additionally, for the backend value (the amount of Votes Pudge actually has), the Champion Bet Payout and Game Bet Payout are initially concatenated:
12 + 4,000 = 124,000
But the resulting value is then properly added to Pudge's Vote total:
200 + 124,000 = 124,200
In conclusion, this means Pudge seems to have 2,004,000 votes, but actually has 124,200, 119,988 higher than they should have. If Pudge were to refresh, they would find the Votes they seem to have had fallen to 124,200 to reflect the backend.

Schedule View

A Screenshot of the Schedule from the first Short Circuit Developer Log.

A new Schedule View allowed Fans to see the Weather and Matchups at any point during the Season, including future Days (but not including the Postseason). Prior to Gamma 2, Fans could not seen more than a Day ahead of the current Day without using external third-party tools such as Reblase.

Site Flow

A Screenshot of Home from the first Short Circuit Developer Log.

A revised Site flow was introduced to reflect Blaseball's "Watch, Bet, Vote" game loop.[5] The revised flow was composed of:

  • A Home tab composed of contextual Widgets.
    • A Blaseball Beat Widget to view the current edition if the Blaseball Beat.
    • A Sponsor Widget showing the current Sponsor.
    • A Short Circuit Widget showing the time remaining in the current Short Circuit.
    • An Incineration Widget showing the time elapsed since the last Incineration.
    • An Election Widget showing the time until the next Election.
    • A Game Widget showing a User's Favourite Team's current game, if any.
    • A Team Widget showing stats from User's Favourite Team.
    • A Results Widget showing a list of Game results from User's Favourite Team.
    • A Upshells Widget showing the most Upshelled Feed events.
  • A Watch tab to keep track ongoing Events.
  • A Bet tab to submit Bets.
  • A Vote tab to participate in Elections.
  • A League tab to view more detailed info such as Standings, the Feed, and the Library.

Game View

A Screenshot of the Game view from the first Short Circuit Developer Log.

Game View allowed Fans to open a window from any Game on the Watch page, allowing them to immediately backread that Game Log and Upshell Events. It displayed the current Season Sponsor, that Game's Weather and its description, that Game's count and bases, the current Pitcher and Batter, each Team in that Game (including their Runs, odds, and standing), and position of that Game in the series. Additionally, it also allowed Fans to view the time elapsed since a Log Event occurred.

Removed Features

Other Changes

  • Badges were a new cosmetic viewable in a User's profile. One Badge was added in Gamma 2 (the "Where Cards Fall" Badge), obtainable by purchasing The Game Band's Where Cards Fall through
  • Users could now have Usernames.
  • Instead of the same Election categories (Blessings, Wills, Decrees) being present for every Election, categories available alternated every other Election.
  • Upshelling Feed Events no longer required a Fan to have Peanuts, and can be done for free.
  • Fluting to another Team no longer required a Fan to have a Flute, and can be done for free.
  • A Fan could change their Team at any point in a Season, rather than just before Earlsiesta.
  • Teams could still enter Party Time, but did not receive Stat boosts from it.
  • Viewing a Player's Attributes and viewing a Team's Shadows no longer required an Apple. Additonally, a Fan could view the Shadows of any Team, not just their Favourite.
  • Postseason seeding was changed. It appeared that the seeding worked such that the top team of Good divisions were seeded 1 and the top team of Evil divisions were seeded 2. The remaining two seeds would be seeded as normal.


Gamma 2 saw the introduction of new Conferences (simply named "Liquid" and "Solid") and Divisons (named "Good" and Evil").


Liquid Good

Liquid Evil


Solid Good

Solid Evil


  1. For example, if it was Day 60 and you Bet on a Magic Game for Day 67, you could not then place a separate Bet on a Garages Game for the same day. You could, however, place a Bet on the Garages on Day 68.
  2. Not including Votes.
  3. Referring to the Hall of Flame tab on, the status of the in-universe location is unclear.
  4. Referring to the Vault tab on, the status of the in-universe location is unclear.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 Whilst Decrees, Blessings, and Wills were not seen in Gamma 2, they were replaced with the similar Circuits, Distortions, and Charges respectively.
  6. The ability to use Herring to reveal redacted Feed Events.

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