Miami Dale/Team Culture

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Miami Dale are based in the City of Miami in an unspecified state. They are known for their party culture and expressing that they play "for the love of the game" whenever someone brings up their performance or record.

The Dale have a distinct team culture with eclectic influences and ever-evolving taste. They are natural partiers who appear to celebrate everything from winning to losing to slightly impressive jet ski tricks to seeing a dog on the way to practice. It is believed that these skills originate from the vast geological formation under the city known as The Party Rock.

Music Culture

Dale fans and players alike are commonly found listening to the works of Pitblull. Players are currently required by management to choose a song by Pitblull as their walk-on music. Pitblull is not known to be a sponsor of the team, leading to speculation about potential "insider trading" [editor's note: this is not what insider trading means].

To motivate the team, Mr. Wide has provided the team with The Playlist, an incredible mix of music that the players listen to on full blast before every game to hype them up. The composition of The Playlist is a closely-held secret--while some fans of the Dale have been provided a diluted version, the True Playlist has never been disclosed. It is known to have powerful enhancement powers; unfortunately, those enhancements do not always translate into increased skill at blaseball. Any player leaving the Dale (such as via a trade or blessing) must be locked in a small room and forced to listen to easy listening music until knowledge of The Playlist fades from their mind.

Beverage Culture

A popular pre-game ritual before Dale games is to do communal shots of Cuban coffee. This controversial act has been deemed rule-breaking by many fans; however, the Umpires have gone on record that the practice is defensible as it's "pretty rad" and plausibly leads to decreased performance.

Dale players are known for drinking Blaja Blast or other flavors of Mlountain Dew as a refreshing and energizing splorts beverage during games, either plain or mixed with tequila. This embrace of Mlountain Dew came from team members not wanting to associate themselves with Glatorade, which they consider a Gainesville drink. Lineup player Hahn Fox is known for her endorsement deal with Diet Mlountain Dew.

As a consequence of the rampant caffeine culture during and outside of games, the Dale have been recognized by Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Gimenez for greatly increasing the number of small businesses founded in the Miami area by members of la familia overcome with great ideas after their 6th 4Loko or so.

However, this culture is anything but monolithic. Notably, lineup player Randy Dennis does not consume caffeine. "I have no eyelids, so it's already annoying trying to sleep in what little off time I have," said Dennis in a XX19 interview with local newspaper personality Miami Gerald. "Plus, I only have grinding teeth, not biting teeth, so I avoid anything that might make me anxious. Except blaseball."

Regarding teamwide acceptance of individual choices, Raúl Leal said during a XX20 combination press conference/afterparty that "there is intense peer pressure within the team to respect our peers' autonomy and judgment. Pressuring someone would be such a party foul. Can you excuse me? I think the beat is about to drop."