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The Kansas City FreshDome (also known as The Meadow) is the home ballpark of the Kansas City Breath Mints.

Official League Record

The Meadow was constructed in Season β13. Fans of the Breath Mints selected the Loge prefab, spending 908,592 coins.

During Season 14 Latesiesta, the Big Buckets and PsychoAcoustics renovations were built. The construction of the PsychoAcoustics renovation resulted in the addition of Wyatt Mason XIII to the Breath Mints rotation, as part of the Second Wyatt Masoning.

During the Season β14 elections, The Meadow received the Crime Scene modifier, placing The Meadow under Investigation. On Season β15, Day 52, Uncle Plasma entered the Breath Mints' Shadows to Investigate the Crime Scene at The Meadow, but did not find anything. The Crime Scene modification was removed from The Meadow at the end of the game.

During Season 15 Latesiesta, the Reverb + and Echo Chamber renovations were built.

During Season 16 Latesiesta, the Solar Eclipse + and Elongation - renovations were built, causing The Meadow to become 7% less Elongated.

During Season 17 Latesiesta, the Reverb +, Fax Machine, and Forwardness + renovations were built, causing The Meadow to become 10% more Forward.

During the Season β17 elections, the Meadow received the Smithy modification due to the passage of the Smithy decree.

During Season 18 Latesiesta, the Ballpark Cleanup and Hotel Motel renovations were built. Hotel Motel was ratified and removed from the stadium modifications.

During Season 19 Latesiesta, the Peanut Mister, Hoops, and Mysticism + renovations were built, causing The Meadow to become 12% more Mystic.

During Season 20 Latesiesta, the Light Switch, Viscosity +, and Tunnels renovations were built, causing The Meadow to become 8% more Viscous. Tunnels was ratified and removed from the stadium modifications. The Light Switch was turned OFF.

During Season 21 Latesiesta, the Voicemail and Light Switch renovations were built. Voicemail was ratified and removed from the stadium modifications. The Light Switch was turned ON.

During Season 22 Latesiesta, the Phantom Thieves' Guild and Anti Flood Pumps renovations were built. Phantom Thieves' Guild was ratified and removed from the stadium modifications.

During Season 23 Latesiesta, the Stables and Ball Pit renovations were built. Stables and Fax Machine were ratified and removed from the stadium modifications.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

History of the FreshDome

The Kansas City FreshDome was the original ballpark of the Kansas City Breath Mints. With its retractable candy-striped roof and state-of-the-art air-mintening systems, the FreshDome was a technological marvel, built at a terrible cost to the people of Kansas City.

During Season β1 of Internet League Blaseball, the Dome attained sentience and began a passionate love affair with Boyfriend Monreal. When the star hitter sensed it was time for the Dome to move on and find itself, Monreal firmly but respectfully called it off. Their relationship soured and the team decided to move to an open meadow on the outskirts of town.

After clearing its head in the off-season, the Dome now has a great relationship with all of the Breath Mints, including the now-retired Monreal. However, it has no interest in returning to ball duty, preferring instead to focus on its poetry.

The Meadow

Nicknamed “The Meadow”, the current home ballpark of the Kansas City Breath Mints is an open meadow on the outskirts of town. When asked for the name of the ballpark during the Expansion Era, Breath Mints General Manager Max Betmint offered the name of the Kansas City FreshDome, for “Tax Purposes”. It is unclear what benefits exactly Betmint has gained from this, and so far seems only to have deeply confused Breath Mints fans.

Having no marked boundaries, determining home runs and foul balls in the open meadow is more of an exercise in divination than science. More than one splorts-fan has attempted to stretch the home field advantage by changing plot lines at the county recording office, so most games require at least one surveyor to be present.

The air in the open meadow on the outskirts of town is known for its rejuvenating properties. When Winnie Hess first filled her lungs with its minty exurban freshness after relocating from Baltimore, she immediately gained two-and-a-half stars of pitching ability.

After suffering two player incinerations in Season β4, fans placed a velvet victorian fainting couch between second and third base, should any player or splorts-fan need to fling themselves upon it out of grief. Following the incineration of Boyfriend Monreal in Season β7, newcomer Pudge Nakamoto moved the couch into their home, located along the 4th base line, and offered the heartbroken a place to grieve in good company. Accounts of what has become of Nakamoto's house since their departure from Kansas City vary.

When asked about the status of his ballpark as a Crime Scene, Betmint has insisted that "THE ONLY CRIME IN KANSAS CITY IS 14 SEASONS AND NO CHAMPIONSHIP RING OR SWORD OR WHATEVER THEY HAND OUT".[1]

Pre-Game Rituals

  • Thanks to the long-term effects of the meadow, all Kansas City Breath Mint fans carry a small pocket of freshness within their lungs. Mints fans traveling to away games routinely step outside, taste the air and exclaim “Ahhhhh, Kansas City!” regardless of where they stop. Following this pre-game ritual, the exhalations of Mints fans spread a little bit of minty freshness wherever they go, slowly converting the rest of the world’s viable oxygen into Kansas City air. This is probably fine.


Fan Store

Never one to pass up a profit, General Manager Max Betmint had a gift shop constructed next to the open meadow, and then had a moat dug around the meadow to force people to pass through it on the way to the game. Breath Mints fans regularly “upgrade” their pendants by purchasing and wearing more of them. Several fans have collapsed from their team spirit, their dying words being “MORE… WEIGHT…”

Among the many unique gifts and pendants sold at the store are:

  • Marquez Clark's new line of khaki Tripps for vampires who simply prefer beige.
  • Joshua Watson campaign buttons. Support Watson for Mayor!
    Notice: The Kansas City FreshDome is not affiliated with the Watson for Mayor campaign, all merchandise proceeds are property of General Manager Maximillian Betmint VI.
  • Eizabeth Guerra pastries, each with the word GOD lovingly stenciled on top.
  • Stew Briggs floaty pen. The pen contains a floating image of Stew sliding into home plate. Unfortunately the water inside has been replaced by broth so it is impossible to see anything.
  • Trojan Horse Shoe. A fake shoe made out of mints to distract Shoe Thieves. While no purchase records exist for the Trojan Horse Shoe, they must be continually restocked during games against the Shoe Thieves.

Player Memorials

  • A section of Stands was converted into a memorial fan zone for Whit Steakknife it is known as the Knife Block. The Block features individual slots for fans to watch the game while suspended upside-down as the slots conform and contour to each fan's individual body size. A monitor within the slot allows the fan to watch the action live and microphones from within project fans' cheers out to the field. The project was completed after the Season β5 regular season finished. The Breath Mint's front office states that the section is already completely sold out for all Season β6 home games. A few lucky fans were able to experience the Knife Block at its dedication ceremony. Speaking to the press about the experience one fan said, "Should I have this much blood in my brain?"
  • Past the outfield, the Boyfriend Monreal Memorial Butterfly Gardens was constructed in their favorite batting practice spot, as Boyfriend usually had many butterfly friends following them around on their many walks through the meadow. Teammate Lenny Spruce began planting the garden after the end of Season β7, and was often found tending to the plants and making friends with the butterflies.
  • It is currently unknown what kind of memorial(s) will be/are planned for Eduardo Ingram. When asked for comment on the matter General Manager Max Betmint stated: "Do you know how hard it is to ethically source four-hundred-thousand tons of feathers?" and declined to comment further on the matter.
  • In Season 14, Breath Mints fans collectively donated to build the PsychoAcoustics and Big Buckets renovations, which were later made into player memorials after the disappearance of Wyatt Mason XIII due to static, and Helga Washington who disappeared Elsewhere and was presumed dead. The former was dubbed The Wyatt "Death "Thirteen" Mason" Mason Memorial PsychoAcoustic Sound System, which has only been approved to play Wyatt Mason XIII's posthumous playlist release. The latter is now called The Helga Washington Memorial Big Bucket of Fish, named after Helga Washington's love of buckets of fish.


It is strongly recommended that visitors avoid the parking lot.[2]

Beyond the Meadow

Beyond the outskirts of the meadow, a large steakknife stands proudly in the earth. The blade has an inscription that reads "Brevity is the soul of Whit". It is rumored whoever pulls this hallowed blade from the ground shall be King born of Kansas City. Past this, there is a goblin cave to the North; The area is considered appropriate for four adventurers between levels 1 and 3.

Fan Works