Miami Elder League Blaseball Association

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Miami Dale currently do not have an Underleague team; however, the Miami Elder League Blaseball Association is a thriving league with a number of teams whose players are age 65 or older. The Elder League is believed to have been founded in retaliation against child star Scooter "Skeeter" Buckley. Buckley, locally famous for his portrayal of Skeeter the Skeeter in the long-running commercial series for OUCH! Mosquito Spray, was invited to throw the first pitch of the 20XX season. By all accounts the youth did a great job, and Dale management approached him with an offer to join the team. Buckley declined, stating that he intended to pursue acting at Juulliard. The Dale took extreme offense to the snub and immediately organized and funded the Elder League.

Players were originally recruited from local assisted living facilities, Jimmy Bluffet concerts, and matinee movie showings. However, the popularity and exclusivity of the league grew extremely quickly, and it is now more than self-sustaining. The League is more active in the winter due to players temporarily relocating to Miami from colder regions. In addition to blaseball, the Elder Leagues host exclusive late-night (4 p.m.) bingo games and viciously competitive cribbage tournaments.

The Dale reportedly scout potential players from the Elder League, with some sources saying that Mr. Wide believes AARP membership is "one of the most desirable traits in a blaseball player." There is no maximum age for the league; currently, the oldest player is Dorothy Walters of Coral Gables at 2.47 billion years young.