Miami Gerald

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Miami Gerald (maɪˈæmi ˈhɛrəld) is the nickname of Gerald Gonzalez of Little Havana, Miami. Gerald is a freelance reporter for a number of news outlets, focusing on sports, entertainment, and "good-natured gossip." Gerald is known almost exclusively by his "Miami Gerald" epithet; even his official bylines frequently reference only that name. He is notorious for a charming "firm handshake, gentle smile" combination that some speculate throws tight-lipped sources off balance. He is friends with local humor columnist Wave Larry.

Gerald seems to sometimes be known as "The Miami Gerald" and/or work for a publication called The Miami Gerald. The truth of either of these is unconfirmed. When asked about the existence of such a newspaper, Gerald simply laughs and says "I'm Miami Gerald, of course," or "that's me, Miami Gerald!"

Gerald has been a Miami icon for as long as anyone remembers and is frequently spotted around town with his trademark fedora and large, gray mustache. A common saying is that "Miami Gerald knows literally everyone," and he certainly seems not to want for sources. When he's not chasing down a lead with his trusty notepad and pen, Gerald enjoys teaching his nephews to cook, playing dominoes with his friends, and going to Miami Dale games.