Tres Leches

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Tres Leches is a massive 3-headed pitbull. Tres Leches is a beloved icon of Worldwide Field, and has been collectively adopted by the stadium staff, players, and Dale fans alike.


During season 2, Tres Leches took up residence under the western section of the stands of Worldwide Field. Rumors of a giant sparkly ghost who smelled of Cheetos ran wild throughout the staff. Lineup Dale player Caleb Novak commented, “One time I was in the locker rooms and I saw this like huge sparklosity [sic] out on the field! I was all ‘whaddup stranger’ but it ran away. I hit up Mr. W about drafting them onto the team but so far no dice."

She was first discovered when, after a particularly racous after-party, after-party cleanup-party, and after-party-cleanup after-party with the Moist Talkers, Peanut Bong remained on the field to do some calming sun salutations. Upon catching sight of Tres Leches emerging from one of the flooded VIP zones, they accidentally kicked a beach ball her way. After several hours of fetch, her three heads decided that Bong was no threat, and she has remained inseparable with those who frequent the stadium since.

During season 3 partytime, Twitter user @HahnFoxsFreckles<333 launched an online petition to build Tres Leches a doghouse, receiving over 300,000 likes and retweets. After several early driftwood versions were destroyed by enthusiastic tail wagging, artist-in-residence Farrell Seagull welded four shipping containers to the underside of the western stands in a shape described by critics as "art deco meets brutalism" and "pleasingly convoluted."


A fan favorite game with Tres Leches on hot days is to chant SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE until she jumps in and out of the water, then shakes, the massive amount of water from her fur causing a small rain shower throughout the lower stands.

Randy Dennis has stated that he enjoys hitching a rope to his boat and playing underwater tug o' war with Tres Leches.

Her favorite foods are vegan chorizo, large grit SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter, and peanut butter.

She responds to “Tres Leches” and “who's my good girls!!!”

Physical Appearance

Tres Leches's fur color is a mixture of cream and coffee brown. The left head is cream, the right is brown, the middle is a swirled mix of the two colors.

She is approximately 20 feet tall from paws to ears.